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Priscilla Joyce FORD



In this family portrait taken in July 1968, Priscilla Ford stands with her two sons and daughter,
Wynter Scott, who later testified that her mother had talked about having the girl artifically
 inseminated, so that she could give birth to a messiah.



Priscilla Ford



Reno Police escort Priscilla Ford into the police department following her arrest Thanksgiving Day
in 1980. She was charged with murdering six people (another died later) and attempting to
murder at 23 others. It was at this point she stopped in front of the photographer and said
"Oh my, you're a pretty one. I'll remember who you are."
(Photo by Marilyn Newton)



Priscilla Ford



Priscilla Ford in court on Feb. 2, 1990, to have her execution date set. It was 10 years earlier that
she ran down and killed or injured numerous people on Virginia Street on Thanksgiving Day.
(Photo Marilyn Newton/RGJ file)



A shoe from one of Priscilla Ford's victims is still on the hood of her car more than two blocks from
where her rampage ended. She ended up stuck in traffic on Virginia Street at Fifth Street.
(Photo Marilyn Newton/RGJ file)



Security guards tend to one person in front of where the Nevada Club once stood while spectators
tend on another by the cab after Priscilla Ford drove down the sidewalk in front the
casinos killed six and injuring 23.
(Photo Marilyn Newton/RGJ file)



Victims lay scattered in front of the Club Cal Neva while witneeses have looks of show and disbelief
on their faces after Priscilla Ford went on a rampage Thanksgiving day, 11-27-80.
(Photo by Marilyn Newton)



The dead and injured litter the sidewalk and Virginia Street in front of Harolds Club after Priscilla
Ford drove her car along the sidewalk hitting and killing as many people
as she could on Thanksgiving Day 1980.
(Photo by Marilyn Newton)



Onlookers view the carnage left by Priscilla Ford when she drove down the sidewalks on Virginia
Street Thanksgiving day in 1980 killing six people and injuring 23.
A seventh person died of injuries a year later.
(Photo by Marilyn Newton)



Reno Policewoman Pam Engle tends to one of those injured when Priscilla Ford drove her car
down the sidewalks in front of the casinos killing six and injuried 23.
(Photo by Marilyn Newton)



Some of the 23 people injured by Priscilla Ford as she drover her car down the sidewalks
 in front of Reno's casinos on Thanksgiving Day 1980. This photo looks north
from Second and Virginia Street.
(Photo by Marilyn Newton)



A crime scene investigator photographs a shoe and broken windshield on Priscilla Ford's Lincoln
Thanksgiving Day 1980. After running down people downtown she was finally caught in traffic on
Virginia and Fifth Streets. The shoe of one of her victims remained on the car for the two
blocks she was able to get away from the scene.
(Photo by Marilyn Newton)



A passerby comforts one of those injured when Priscilla Ford drover her car down the sidewalk
in front of the downtown casionos on Thanksgiving Day 1980 killing six and injuring 23.
(Photo by Marilyn Newton)



Victims of Priscilla Ford's rampage lay scattered on the sidewalk and in the crosswalks in front of
the Club Cal Nevada on Thanksgiving Day 1980. Ford drove her car along the sidewalk killing
six and injuring 23 others. She first drove her car up on the sidewalk where the Reno
police are standing in the extreme right.
(Photo by Marilyn Newton)


Photos Marilyn Newton/RGJ



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