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Classification: Spree killer
Characteristics: Robberies
Number of victims: 10
Date of murders: May-June 1993
Date of arrest: June 28, 1993
Date of birth: 1970
Victims profile: Charles Ray Martin, 35 / Bar owner Reyes Carrillo; his mother, Rachel, and half brother, Alfredo; cook Marciano Perez and his wife, Alicia Duenas Perez; customer Mary Ruiz, and bouncer Rudy Sanchez / Lee Grant, 27 / Carl James Worley, 70
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Fresno County, California, USA
Status: Sentenced to eight consecutive life terms with no possibility of parole on July 8, 1998

Johnnie Malarkey killed 10 in 1993. Seven of Johnnie's kills were at a club in Fresno. He barged into the club and just opened fire. Malarkey could be considered both a serial killer and a mass murderer.


Inmate Confesses to Fresno Mass Murder

Los Angeles Times

July 09, 1998

FRESNO A convicted killer once described as a model student has confessed to committing the worst mass murder in Fresno County history.

Johnnie Malarkey admitted Tuesday that he fatally shot seven people while robbing a southeast Fresno bar in 1993, as well as committing three unrelated killings that year. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty.

Fresno County Superior Court Judge Gene Gomes sentenced Malarkey to eight consecutive life terms with no possibility of parole, a 37-year term and a term of 40 years to life. Those sentences were added to a 25-year sentence he was serving for a series of 1993 shootings.

David Gottlieb, Malarkey's lawyer, said his client proposed the plea bargain in an effort to put the killings behind him.

"Johnnie does have a conscience, despite the fact that he's admitted to 10 murders," Gottlieb said. "In meetings that I've had with him, he's cried. He does feel remorse."

Malarkey, 28, had been the leading suspect in the shooting deaths of seven people at Carrillo's Club on May 16, 1993. Two men entered the bar just after closing and opened fire, killing owner Reyes Carrillo; his mother, Rachel, and half brother, Alfredo; cook Marciano Perez and his wife, Alicia Duenas Perez; customer Mary Ruiz, and bouncer Rudy Sanchez.

The second gunman is believed to have been Allen Heflin, who committed suicide in October.

Burton Francis said fellow prosecutors agreed to the deal with Malarkey because there was no guarantee the Carrillo's Club case would ever have gone to trial.

"We have saved years in litigation, millions in prosecution costs and achieved a result that is life without possibility of parole eight times over," he said.

Malarkey also admitted killing Charles Ray Martin, 35, whose burned body was found in the back of his torched pickup two weeks before the Carrillo's Club massacre. Martin had been shot several times in the head.

Malarkey admitted killing tax examiner Lee Grant, 27, who was shot to death while riding his bicycle in Fresno's Sunnyside neighborhood in May 1993.

Authorities didn't disclose the additional slaying.

Malarkey was already serving a 25-year prison term for a series of other shootings in 1993, including the wounding of Fresno Police Officer Jeff Dockweiler and helping his sister kill Carl Worley, 70.

Lanelle Malarkey Denn shot the victim to loot his mobile home, police said. She was sentenced to 34 years to life in prison.

Before his 1993 arrest, Malarkey had worked four years as a custodian for the Fresno Unified School District. A graduate of DeWolf Continuation School, he had impressed several teachers who wrote letters on his behalf before he was originally sent to prison.

One wrote: "He undoubtedly was the best, the most reliable student I have ever worked with in my entire career with Fresno Unified. He was prompt, courteous, quiet and diligent in his duties. He never showed any signs of anger . . . or a rebellious nature so often displayed by our students."


Man Sought in Slayings of 7 at Fresno Nightclub Seized

By Mark Arax - Los Angeles Times

June 29, 1993

A possible suspect in the nightclub killings of seven people here last month--the worst mass murder in Fresno history--has been arrested in Oklahoma after an alleged series of crimes that included at least one other murder and three attempted murders.

John Malarkey, 24, of Fresno was arrested without incident on a fugitive warrant Sunday by FBI agents and Oklahoma state and local authorities. They found him in a used car lot in Tahlequah, a small college town near the Arkansas border, where he had fled to his grandparents' house.

"We've developed information that possibly links John Malarkey to the Carrillo Club murders," Fresno Police Detective Danny Martin said at a news conference here Monday. He declined to reveal a motive or any new details in the unsolved killings.

A Fresno police detective and deputy district attorney were sent to Cherokee County, Okla., to question Malarkey. He is being held on a $655,000 bond. The fugitive arrest warrant alleges that he killed an elderly Fresno man and attempted to kill three others, including a Fresno policeman who was shot in the face.

Fresno authorities also want to question Malarkey's sister, Lanelle, 26, about the elderly man's murder. She was arrested and is being held on a $250,000 bond.

Police said they received information about John Malarkey's possible role in the May 19 Carrillo Club shootings after he was linked to a series of killings and shootings in Fresno this month.

According to the arrest warrant, the rampage began June 6 when Malarkey allegedly shot and wounded two men at an apartment complex in southeast Fresno after an argument. Two weeks later, according to the warrant, a Fresno police officer responding to a report of shots being fired was shot in the face.

Fresno police arrested Lawrence Azevedo, 19, of Fresno as an accessory to attempted murder. He is being held in Fresno County Jail. Authorities said they believe that Malarkey was the gunman.

On June 20, police discovered the body of 70-year-old Carl James Worley on a southeast Fresno street. He had been shot twice in the head and apparently run over by a car.



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