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Rabbi Fred Neulander is escorted into a courtroom Monday, March 19, 2001, in Camden, N.J., for a hearing. A state judge Monday denied a defense request to order a psychiatric exam for Len Jenoff.

Jenoff, 54, a private investigator from Collingswood, has admitted beating Carol Neulander to death
 in November 1994 at the request of Rabbi Fred Neulander. Jenoff has said the rabbi promised
to pay him $30,000 to carry out the killing.
(AP Photo/ Sarah J. Glover, POOL)



Len Jenoff testifies during Fred J. Neulander's captial murde trial Thursday, Oct. 18, 2001 at the Hall of Justice in Camden, N.J. Jenoff, a former private investigator from Collingswood, admitted beating Carol Neulander to death in November 1994 allegedly at the request of Fred Neulander. Jenoff is seeking to have his conviction set aside on the grounds that his attorney slept through his trial.
(AP Photo/ David M Warren, POOL)



Paul Daniels plead guilty to participating in Nov. 1, 1994 murder of Carol Neulander.
Seen here in court at the Camden County Hall of Justice on Thursday June 8, 2000.
(Courier-Post/ Photo by Tina Markoe.)



State prison inmate James Keeny testifies Monday, Oct. 29, 2001 in Camden County court during the murder trial of Fred Neulander. Keeny testified Monday that confessed killer Len Jenoff told them he killed Rabbi Fred Neulander's wife in a robbery attempt, not as a murder for hire.
(AP Photo/Tina Markoe Kinslow, POOL)



Interview at Riverfront State Prison with Len Jenoff, admitted killer of Carol Neulander.
(Photo by Al Schell.)



Fred Neulander listens to tape of his 911 call during his murder trial at the Camden Couny Hall
of Justice Tuesday afternoon in Camden. October 30, 2001
(Photo by Avi Steinhardt/Courier-Post Staff)



Paul Michael Daniels, testifies in court in Camden on Thursday October 25, 2001. Seen here he is using his
hands to show the approximate length of the lead pipes that he and Len Jenoff used to kill Carol Neulander.
(Courier-Post/Photo by Tina Markoe Kinslow.)



Paul Michael Daniels, testifies in Camden, N.J., Thursday Oct. 25, 2001, using his hand to illustrate where he struck Carol Neulander on the head with a lead pipe.

Daniels' appearance comes one day after his admitted accomplice ended four days of questioning. Len Jenoff said Rabbi Fred Neulander paid him to kill the rabbi's wife.

Daniels and Neulander are awaiting sentencing for aggravated manslaughter. Neulander is accused of plotting his wife Carol's murder in 1994 so that he could continue an affair with Philadelphia radio personality Elaine Soncini. Neulander has pleaded innocent to the charges.
(AP Photo/Tina Markoe Kinslow, Pool)



Rabbi Fred J. Neulander, left, and defense attonrey Michael Riley listen as Judge Baxter speaks to
the as jury after it delivered it's guilty verdict Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2002, at Monmouth County
Court in Freehold, NJ.

He was convicted for hiring two men to beat his wife to death so he could carry on an affair with a woman he met while ministering to her dying husband. He could now face a death sentence.

The verdict came nearly a year after his first trial for the 1994 death of Carol Neulander at their suburban Philadelphia home endedin a hung jury.
(AP Photo/David M Warren, Pool)



David Beardsley an inmate at the South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton talks about information that Leonard Jenoff told him when they were cell mates and the information could have a huge impact in
the case of former Rabbi Fred Neulander. Fri Nov. 1,2002.
(Courier Post photo by Paris L. Gray.)



11/6/02 Neulander Lawyer Michael Riley cross examines witness Len Jenoff in Freehold.
(Ed Curry/ Special to Press)



Rabbi Fred Neulander looks up during the penalty phase of his trial at the Monmouth County Courthouse in Freehold, N.J., Friday, Nov. 22, 2002. The jury could not come to a decision during the penalty phase. Friday November 22,2002.
(Courier-Post/Photo by Tina Markoe Kinslow.)



Defendant Rabbi Fred J. Neulander speaks during his allocution to the jury during the penalty phase of his murder trial Friday, Nov. 22, 2002. Neulander, was convicted Wednesday of capital murder, felony murder and murder conspiracy in the bludgeoning death of his wife in 1994. A jury on Friday after not being able to come to a unanimous decision, left the sentencing to Judge Linda Baxter.
Friday November 22, 2002.
(Courier-Post/Photo by Tina Markoe Kinslow.)



Rabbi Fred Neulander is surrounded by Sheriff's officers in Monmouth County Courthouse in Freehold, N.J. The jury could not agree on a penalty for the Rabbi, so he will be returned to the Camden County court to await sentencing by Judge Linda Baxter in January. Friday November 22,2002.
(Courier-Post/Photo by Tina Markoe Kinslow.)



Prosecution witness Elaine Soncini, former Philadelphia radio personalality and mistress of Rabbi Fred J. Neulander during the time of his wife's murder in 1994, is shown during her testimony on the second day of the rabbi's retrial in Freehold, N.J., Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2002.
(AP Photo/David M Warren)



Matthew Neulander



Paul Michael Daniels sits beside his attorney in the courtroom at the Camden County Hall of Justice in Camden for his sentencing hearing in the murder for hire trial of Carol Neulander. He was sentenced
to 23 years in prison. Thursday January 29, 2002.
(Courier-Post/Tina Markoe Kinslow Self.)



Fred Neulander looks back at his attorney Michael Riley as he is led away after being sentenced by Judge Linda Baxter to life in prison for the murder of his wife Carol. Thursday January 16, 2003. (Courier-Post/Photo by Tina Markoe Kinslow.)



Investigator Leonard Jenoff, 54 of Collingswood and Paul Michael Daniels, 26 from Pennsauken in background entering the courtroom for thier arraignment, in the slaying of Rabbi Fred J. Neulander's wife Carol, at the Hall Of Justice in Camden in Judge Linda G. Rosenzweig courtroom.
(Photo by Ron Karafin.)



Fred Neulander and Leonard Jenoff.



Fred Neulander



Fred Neulander prison photo.



Carol Neulander



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