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Classification: Spree killer
Characteristics: Parricide - Taxi driver
Number of victims: 4
Date of murders: December 31, 1991
Date of birth: 1948
Victims profile: Denise Reynolds, 39 (his estranged wife) / Robert Jones, 24; Arwyn Roberts, 21, and Brynley Roberts, 18
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife / Car crash
Location: Llandudno, North Wales, United Kingdom
Status: Died in a suicide car crash the same day

The setting for this story is the apparently lovely holiday town of Llandudno in North Wales. And our main character is Vernon Reynolds, a 43-year-old taxi driver. A very pissed off 43-year-old taxi driver in fact.

You see Vernon was upset about his bitch wife leaving him. He had tried his little heart out to get her to take him back but it seems his temper may have been a little off putting for her. So on the fateful News Years Eve of 1991 Vernon decided that if the bitch wouldn't take him back she wouldn't be able to have anything anymore.

Vernon decided to take her out at his former home, the house he was so painfully told to leave just one month earlier. He showed up at the house (named Clovenly House) at 11:00 a.m. to discover his wife holding a party for the rest of the family. I think that Vernon was a little upset at not receiving an invite so he decided to crash the little family do.

As soon as he entered the house he was told to fuck off by his wife. When he didn't go he was hassled by his own children to leave. Apparently this really got to him so he went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. And this is where the shit really hit the fan.

He went straight for the wife, plunging the knife in several time before she could get out of the house. But she wasn't getting away that easily. He followed her, hacking into anyone that stood in his way, his children, his in-laws, his brothers and sisters. He must have had one hell of a time. Eventually his must have injured everyone in the house and was able to get to the scheming bitch wife again. This time no one jumped in to slow him down and a few deep stabs later he was a murderer. For some reason he decided that she was the only one worth killing at the house, so he just walked back through the house ignoring the others, got into his car and fled the scene.

Since he left quite a few witnesses behind it wasn't long before the cops started chasing him. So we have a mad taxi driver being chased by a couple of police cars when Vernon decided that he wasn't going to be able to escape. And what does one do when one realizes ones life is basically finished, what else can one do but go out in a blaze of glory.

A car was coming pretty quickly toward Vernon Reynolds when he swerved straight into it, causing one hell of a head on collision, and also causing the deaths of the three occupants of the other car - all teenagers in a hurry to get to a party at a mates place.

Amusingly the three kids died instantly while Reynolds was still alive when a rescue team arrived to help. But he died before they were able to cut him from the wreckage.

The Wacky World of Murder


Enter the savage New Year

Midnight massacre as suicide maniac kills wife, three men

International Express

January 8, 1992

A crazed husband hacked his wife to death at a family party then killed three young men in a suicide car crash at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Taxi driver Vernon Reynolds stabbed his estranged wife Denise and wounded her parents and sisters as they celebrated at her seaside hotel.

Sixteen people, including seven children, were at the party.

They screamed and tried to hide as he burst in and slashed at them with a knife.

Reynolds drove off and ploughed into a Mini carrying three friends, killing them and himself.

Police were considering the possibility that 44 year-old Reynolds deliberately crashed his car into the other vehicle to end his life.

Friends said the father of three was distressed  because his wife threw him out two weeks ago and had a boyfriend.

The massacre began when Reynolds arrived at his wife’s family celebration in Llandudno, North Wales.

The children three of them his, watched in terror as he pulled out a knife and began stabbing their mother and others in the room.

Mrs Reynolds, 39, tried to escape by staggering to the doorstep of a nearby house where she was knifed again.

Her last words whispered to an ambulanceman were: "Do you think I am going to die?"

Neighbour Miss Lisa Rayner, 22, said: "The children all came out of the hotel screaming and running down the road.

"A woman asked me to phone the police. Blood was pouring from her."

The five injured were Mrs Reynolds sister and brother-in-law Michelle and Kenneth Owen, both 32, of Colindale, London.

Her father Victor Fryer, 60, and mother Ada, 59 also of Colindale. And her other sister Mrs Pauline Nash of Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

Mrs Nash was critical after emergency surgery at Gwynedd Hospltal Bangor. Mr Fryer was "serious" in another hospital.

Reynolds fled in his Marina and drove 10 miles out of the town along a country road in the Conwy Valley.

Coming in the other direction were three young friends in a Mini. Reynolds crashed head-on into them at Taly-Cafn, Gwynedd.

All four men died instantly.

The three in the Mini were: Robert Jones, 24, of Park Road, Deganwy; Arwyn Roberts, 21, of Victoria Crescent, Llandudno Junction, and 18-year-old Brynley Roberts -- no relation -- of Penrhynside.

An ambulanceman said: "They were innocent lads going home from a party."

Reynolds and Denise ran the Clovelly House Hotel in Llandudno for six years.

They parted two weeks ago.

A fellow taxi driver said: "He was a fairly quiet character. His wife had gone off with someone else and made it clear Vernon wasn’t welcome in his own home, I would never have thought he would do anything like this. But it had hit him terribly hard. "



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