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John Flammang SCHRANK



John Schrank



John Schrank



John Schrank in Milwaukee



Schrank under arrest



John Schrank in County jail.



Schrank's revolver



Page One of Letter Found in Schrank's Pocket



Page Two of Letter Found in Schrank's Pocket



White House Hotel
Photo shows the building where John F. Schrank lived before his attempted assassination of U.S. President
Teddy Roosevelt in 1912. It is on Canal Street in New York City. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2008)



Photo shows U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt shortly before the Oct. 14 assassination attempt by John F. Schrank



Roosevelt reaches Oyster Bay
Photo shows President Teddy Roosevelt getting off a train at Oyster Bay, Long Island, following an
assassination attempt by John F. Schrank. Col. Cecil Lyons is behind him on the train.



Automobile in Which Ex-President Roosevelt Stood when Shot.
Crosses Marked Where Col. Roosevelt and Schrank Stood.
George F. Moss, Owner and Driver of Automobile



X-Ray of Roosevelt [shows bullet]



Shirts Worn by Ex-President Roosevelt
Showing Extent of Bleeding from Wound
While He Spoke to 9,000 People



Page from Ex-President Roosevelt's Manuscript of Speech Showing Bullet Holes



Elbert Martin and bullet-pierced speech



What saves Teddy was the bullet lodged in Roosevelt's chest only after hitting both his steel eyeglass case
and a copy of his speech he was carrying in his jacket. Roosevelt declined suggestions that he go to
the hospital, and delivered his scheduled speech.



Jane Addams leaves Mercy Hosp.



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