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Charles Lee THORNTON



Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton (AP)



Charles Thornton (Family Photo)



Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton protests outside Kirkwood City Attorney John Hessel's law firm
in downtown St. Louis in 2005.



Police officers stood guard outside City Hall in Kirkwood, Mo. (Photo Tim Parker/Reuters)



Five people were fatally shot and two others wounded on Thursday evening by a man who opened fire as a City Council meeting began at City Hall in Kirkwood, Mo., a generally placid suburb of St. Louis. The gunman was shot to death by police. (Photo: Tom Gannam/Associated Press)




Officers keep watch outside City Hall in Kirkwood, Mo., where a gunman killed two police officers and three city officials before he was fatally shot by police. The gunman, Charles Lee Thornton, was well-known for disrupting council meetings to protest what he called persecution by city officials. The acrimony apparently stemmed from parking citations he had been issued.
(AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Robert Cohen)



The last things Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton said to his family were "To God be the glory" and that he loved them. Then Thornton headed to Kirkwood City Hall, gunning down a police officer outside. He then burst into the City Council meeting just after the Pledge of Allegiance and opened fire, shooting another officer dead and apparently targeting public officials he's sparred with in the past. (Photo Robert Cohen - Post Dispatch)











Police cars surround Kirkwood City Hall after the shooting rampage, which began when the gunman burst into the city council meeting and opened fire, shouting "Shoot the mayor!" Kirkwood, a St. Louis suburb of about 27,000 people, is rarely the scene of violence; its biggest news this week had been the installation of cameras to catch drivers who run red lights.



Gerald Thornton, above, is a brother of Charles Lee Thornton, who killed five people at a council meeting on Thursday night in Kirkwood, Mo. (By Tom Gannam -- Associated Press)



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