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1. The Garage

His name was Mark Twitchell and the aspiring filmmaker was renting a two-door garage (above)
in Edmonton, Canada as his make-shift film studio.

But the property also had a second purpose: a man was planning on parking here and ducking
under the bay door as he headed toward the house, where a beautiful woman supposedly
awaited him after meeting through on an online dating website ...



2. The Ruse

The man was supposed to park, walk through the garage, and use this back door (left) to enter the yard
and head toward the house (right). But he would never make it inside. Something else would happen.



3. Inside the Garage

The man disappeared. His friends called police and a forensics team was sent down to the garage to
examine it. At first, officers found nothing. Until a chemical called luminol was sprayed on the floor ...



4. Discovery

A giant pool of blue light suddenly glowed in the dark in front of them.
Luminol reacts with the iron found in the hemoglobin of blood, causing the striking blue glow.



5. The Floor

The rest of the garage was examined and sprayed with the chemical ...



6. Blue

And officers saw an even bigger glowing stain.



7. The Mask

Detectives began a search of the home of Mark Twitchell, the filmmaker renting the garage,
and found this modified hockey mask in his basement.

The mask was from a horror movie that the director had filmed at that very same garage a few weeks
earlier -- a movie about a serial killer who lures men off dating websites to his suburban "kill room."



8. The Suspect

Mark Twitchell, however, had no criminal record. He was just an ordinary guy with a wife, a child,
and big Hollywood dreams. And now he was the prime suspect in a police investigation.



9. The Vehicle

Mark Twitchell was a cooperative suspect. He even drove his own car to police headquarters to give
a statement about the missing man and the rented garage, revealing how he was a big fan of
Star Wars with his custom licence plate.



10. The Murder Weapon?

But inside that car, police found this military blade, which was covered in suspected blood stains.



11. The Laptop

And the police also found this laptop. On the hard drive of that laptop, a forensic specialist tracked down
a half-dozen temporary files -- those left behind on a computer after a document is deleted.

The files were from a discarded, 42-page Microsoft Word document.

The document stated: "This is the story of my progression into becoming a serial killer."



12. The Victim

And detectives would soon discover that this man, Johnny Altinger, was not the first to visit Mark Twitchell's
garage. What had started as a missing persons file had suddenly become ... a serial killer investigation.





(Photographs credit: This images, taken by the Edmonton Police Service, were made public at Mark Twitchell's
criminal trial in March 2011 by ruling of Alberta Court of Queen's Bench.)

Gallery by Steve Lillebuen


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