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Gertrude Nadine BANISZEWSKI



John Baniszewski Jr. 13 talks with his attorney Forrest Bowman Jr. during the trial
for the torture slaying of Sylvia Likens. April 28, 1966.
(William Oates/The Star)



Gertrude Baniszewski hears the guilty verdict with her attorney, William Erbecker
in connection with the torture slaying of Sylvia Likens. May 20, 1966.
(Randy Singer/The News)



John Baniszewski Jr. during trial for his part in the torture slaying of Sylvia Likens, May 2, 1966.



Paula Baniszewski during the trial for the torture death of Sylvia Likens. May 20, 1966.



Shirley Baniszewski, 10, testified in the 1966 murder trial of her mother, Gertrude
Baniszewski, who went to jail for the 1965 torture-slaying of Sylvia Likens.



Shirley Baniszewski, 10, with foster mother. Shirley was a witness to the murder of Sylvia Likens.
(William Oates/The Star - May 6, 1966)



John Baniszewski Sr. center, cuddles daugher Paula, 18 and son John Jr. following her
sentence of life in prison in connection with the death of Sylvia Likens. May 24, 1966.
(William Oates/The News)



Gertrude Baniszewski confers with her attorney William Erbecker during her trial
for the torture slaying of Sylvia Likens. May 11, 1966.
(Randy Singer/The News)



Richard Hobbs and Paula Baniszewski, two of the defendants in the Sylvia LIkens
murder trial, shun photographers during the recess in their trial. April 27, 1966
(William Oates/Indianapolis Star)



Bystanders crowd around two of Sylvia Likens' sisters in the hallway outside the courtroom as they
discuss Sylvia's torture slaying with newsmen. Jennie Likens (left), 15, lived with Sylvia in the
home of Gertrude Baniszewski where the tortures occured. Her older sister, Diana Shoemaker,
18 said she tried to see Sylvia but Mrs. Baniszewski threatened to have her arrested.
(Joe Young/The News)



Gertrude Baniszewski, accused along with five juveniles in the torture-death of Sylvia Likens,
is seated before the microphones in the closing hours of the trial. Attorneys James Nedeff
and William Erbecker are seated at extreme left. Other principals in the trial are Judge
 Saul Raband the jurors, seated at right.



Baniszewski murder house-torture and death of Sylvia Marie Likens by neighborhood children.
Jurors leave Baniszewski home, viewed slaying scene. Indianapolis Star May 5th 1966.
(Star photo by James C. Ramsey)



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