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Celeste Beard



Jimmy Martinez had been Celeste's third husband, and the attraction between them was strong.



Celeste Beard



Celeste Beard



Identical twins, Jennifer and Kristina feared their mother, and behind her back called her, "Mommie Dearest."
(Photo by Justin Grimm)



At a party, Celeste Beard and Tracey Tarlton gave other guests the impression
they shared more than a friendship.



Tracey Tarlton prison photos



Celeste and Donna Goodson partying in New Orleans, while Celeste waited
for a second murder to take place in Austin.



Celeste poses affectionately with Steve. At the time, she had two other lovers.
(Photo by Justin Grimm)



An exhibit from the trial: a diagram of the Toro Canyon mansion.
(Photo by Kathryn Casey)



The great room of the Austin mansion Steve built for Celeste.
(Photo by Greg Hursley)



Tracey Tarlton's shotgun, a gift from her father.
(Photo by Kathryn Casey)



Celeste Beard mug shot



Celeste Beard in prison.



Celeste Beard



Celeste Beard Johnson is pictured after getting her associate degree in prison. Johnson, who grew up in
Camarillo, is in a Texas prison for killing her husband. She recently wrote a cookbook, "From the Big
House to Your House," about meals she made in prison that you can make at home.







The victim


Steven Beard



Steven Beard recuperating from his gunshot wound on his 75th birthday.