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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Parricide - Poisoner
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: March 11, 1859
Date of arrest: 4 days after
Date of birth: 1820
Victim profile: Stanislaus Bilansky, 52 (her husband)
Method of murder: Poisoning (arsenic)
Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
Status: Executed by hanging on March 23, 1860
Justice in Heaven - The Trial of Ann Bilansky, by Matthew Cecil

March 23, 1860 - Ann Bilansky (white, aged 34) went to the gallows in Minnesota for the arsenic poisoning of her husband, Stanislaus - the only female executed in this state. The hanging was carried out in nominal privacy although people got onto every vantage point to see the proceedings. They didn't see a great deal as Ann died with "hardly a struggle" according to contemporary reports.


Ann Bilansky (Mary Ann Evards Wright) ((c. 1820 Fayetteville, North Carolina March 23, 1860 Saint Paul, Minnesota) was a murderer who administered poison to her husband, Stanislaus Bilansky, killing him within a few days.

Mrs. Bilansky was tired of her husband and was in love with her nephew, John Walker. She put arsenic in Stanislaus's soup. She had told her friend, Lucinda Kilpatrick, who mentioned to her husband that Ann had probably killed her husband. Mr. Kilpatrick went to the police who dug up the corpse and found arsenic in the body.

Ann Bilansky was arrested and sentenced to hang. She was executed on March 23, 1860, the only woman ever to be executed in Minnesota state history.

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