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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Crime of passion - Murdered her lover because he was going away from her
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: February 27, 1953
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: February 12, 1930
Victim profile: Emile Clenet, 22 (her lover)
Method of murder: Shooting (.22 automatic pistol)
Location: Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France
Status: Sentenced to life in prison on December 10, 1953

Leone Bouvier murdered her lover because he was going away from her. At the trial she stated that she had shot him dead because she loved him. If she couldn't have him she wanted to make sure no-one else did.


Bouvier, Leone

This could almost be termed as a crime of passion. Leone who was an illiterate 23 year old french girl who after several disasterous relationships became involved with a 22 year old mechanic Emile Clenet. All was fine until Leone became pregnant, she then lost the child and her job. Her parents seemed to turn against her and the final stroke seemed to be when Emile started to reject her. Without any means of support she became a prostitute.

She bought a gun which she had with her when she next met Emile. She supposedly was hoping for a reconciliation but when this did not come she shot her lover through the neck. She was tried for murder but incredible though it seems even though she had gone to the meeting with the gun premeditation was not proved. She was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment in December 1953.


A Tale of Two Sisters

Leone Bouvier, a young French girl dealt with the corruption of her father’s alcoholism and her mother’s irresponsibility and lack of heart. Aside she was her sister Georgette who luckily managed to escape to a covenant at Angers, becoming a disciplined nun. As Leone was left alone to tend to her family, she dealt with her mother showing no gratitude towards her. She was rejected by all those around her; in response, Leone looked for love elsewhere in particular towards men.

As Leon directed her attention towards men, she fell in love with a 22-year-old garage mechanic, Emile-Clenet. As they convened on a weekly basis (every Sunday) Leon learned to love Emile and appreciate the attention he gave her which she so lacked from her childhood.

As time progressed and Leon discovered that Emile’s “so called love” for her was more of a false emotion she became restless and distraught. “Emile could be cruel, too. Once, snapped by a street photographer, the couple went to pick up the picture. Emile took one look and said he didn’t want it. When Leone asked why, he said: “Just look at that face and you’ll understand.” She hurried off to cry alone…It took her all night to cycle the 30-odd miles to Nantes where Emile worked. But when she got there in the morning, Emile was annoyed. Their arrangement was only for Sundays, he said. It was a weekday. She must leave.” (Press 177-178)

As Emile began to neglect Leone, she took her anger out by purchasing a .22 automatic pistol and shooting him in the neck after kissing his cheek and saying goodbye.

After reading this, I realized that many characters throughout the novel such as Leone have been driven to commit murder because of people like Emile. After dealing with neglect from her family, she was looking for a person to love her and care for her. After being betrayed by the one person she depended on and made her happy, she was driven to insanity. Leone's betrayl by her loved ones throughout her life led her to murder the one person she loved most.


Leone Bouvier at trial.



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