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Cheryl Christina CRANE



Actress Lana Turner, husband Steve Crane, and baby Cheryl Christine Crane, the
new "Sweater Girl," who made her camera debut on September 21, 1943.



New York, NY- Lovely Lana Turner drapes her mink coat over daughter Cheryl's legs to
protect them from the early morning cold as they arrive at La Guardia Field aboard a
TWA Constellation from the West Coast.
(March 14, 1946)



Johnny Stompanato and Lana Turner in an undated snapshot.
(Los Angeles Times file photo)



Underworld character Johnny Stompanato is pictured here with screen star
Lana Turner at a Hollywood nightclub.



Actress Lana Turner and her gangland boyfriend Johnny Stompanato strike an affectionate
pose here, taken aboard a pleasure craft in Mexican waters just days before Stompanato
was stabbed to death, allegedly by Miss Turner's 14 year old daughter, Cheryl. April 1, 1958.



On March 29, 1958, Johnny and Lana were welcomed back to Hollywood after their vacation
 in Mexico.
This file phot was made March 20th, 1958.



On March 29, 1958, Johnny and Lana were welcomed back to Hollywood after their vacation
 in Mexico.
This was about a week before the slaying.



Lana Turner's palatial home at 730 N. Bedford Dr., Beverly Hills, became a death house
at about 9:25 p.m., on April 4, 1958. Arrow in the photo points to Lana's bedroom,
where the murder occurred



Daughter, Cheryl, heard Lana and Johnny arguing and got a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him.
Diagram shows path that Cheryl took to the bedroom where she stabbed Johnny



Lamp and nightstand are located next to Lana's turned down bed along the path that Cheryl took
when she stabbed Johnny. The lamp has a statue of a cherub playing a horn and a novel on
the nightstand entitled: A loely walk, by M. E. Chaber



The body of Johnny Stompanato lies in Lana's all-pink bedroom after he was stabbed to death
by the actress's daughter. Lana says she couldn't believe what she was seeing. She thought
Cheryl was just poking Stompanato with her finger, but knife was buried in his abdomen.
Cheryl then dropped the knife. Johnny gasped, sighed and fell to the floor. Lana heard
Johnny choking and gurgling but saw no wound until she pulled up his sweater.
That is why Johnny's sweater is pulled up in the photo



Coroner's attendants remove the body of Johnny Stompanato from the home of Lana Turner,
730 N. Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills. Published in The Times on April 5, 1958.
Photograph by Gary Smith / Los Angeles Times



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