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Mary Frances CREIGHTON



Mary Frances Creighton



Mary Frances Avery and John Creighton met in Newark and were married
a year after John's return from World War I.



John and Frances Creighton after they were acquitted for the murder of Frances' younger brother.



Mary Frances Creighton



Mineola, New York: Frances Creighton, pictured behind the bars at the Nassau County, Mineola,
L.I., jail, before leaving for the Mineola courthouse where she and Everett Applegate, are
co-defendants charged with the arsenic murder of Applegate's late wife. Pictured with her
 is Sheriff Henry Hendrickson of Nassau County. (January 24, 1936)



Mineola, New York: Mrs. Mary Frances Creighton pictured leaving a Mineola, L.I., court after she was
sentenced to die in the electric chair at Sing Sing during the week of March 9, for the rat poison
murder of Mrs. Ada Applegate, 220 pound wife of Everett C. Applegate, convicted with Mrs.
Creighton of the murder. (January 30, 1936)



Mary Frances Creighton and Everett Applegate.



Mineola -- Everett C. Applegate, 35-year-old resident of Mineola (without hat or coat) is shown
with a detective at police headquarters as he was docked on a charge of second degree rape
(a statutory charge), accused of having attacked the 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Creighton, at whose home he boarded. Applegate's wife died ten days ago. An autopsy
showed traces of arsenic poisoning. (1935)



A jury in Nassau County Court tonight (January 24, 1936) brought to a close the poison slaying trial of
Mrs. Mary Frances Creighton and her star boarder, Everett Applegate, dooming them to the electric chair,
with verdict of murder in the first degree, in the death of Applegate's wife, Mrs. Ada Applegate. This
picture of Everett Applegate behind bars in Mineola Jail was made as he awaited the verdict.



Ossining, New York: Everett Applegate stands between two guards at the gates of Sing Sing before
entering. He has been sentenced to die in the electric chair during the week of March 9th, for the
poisoning death of his wife. Mrs. Mary Frances Creighton enter Sing Sing on the same sentence,
for the same crime. (January 30, 1936)



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