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Grace Hubbard FORTESCUE



Grace Fortescue



Grace Fortescue



Grace Fortescue



Grace Fortescue



Grace Fortescue



Grace Fortescue arrest report.



Grace Fortescue with her daughter and husband.



Thalia Massie (Wide World Photos)



Thalia Massie



The suspects in the murder of Joseph Kahahwai Jr., aboard the U.S.S. Alton where they
were confined during their murder trial: L to R, Edward Lord, Albert "Deacon" Jones,
Grace Fortescue (Thalia Massie's mother), Thalia Massie and her husband,
Lt. Tommie Massie. /



From left to right: Edward S. Jones, Grace Fortescue, O.A. Lord, and Thomas Massie. They are
accused of killing Joe Kahahawai. In September 1931, naval officer wife Thalia Massie, accused
five men of gang rape. After the first trial without a verdict, Massie's husband, mother, and
two US sailors killed one suspect, Joseph Kahahawai. Later investigations exonerated
the accused rapists.



The defendants in prominent Joseph Kahahawai murder trial in Hawaii receive commuted
sentences. From left to right: Edward S. Jones, O.A. Lord, Lieutenant Thomas H. Massie,
and Mrs. Granville Fortescue. May 10, 1932.



The four defendants and their supporters were at 'Iolani Palace shortly after being found guilty of
manslaughter and sentenced to serve a one-hour "prison term" in 1932. From left: Clarence Darrow,
chief defense counsel; defendants E.J. Lord and A.O. Jones; Maj. Gordon Ross, high sheriff; Grace
Fortescue, mother of Thalia Massie and niece of inventor Alexander Graham Bell; Thalia and Lt.
Thomas Massie; and George Leisure, defense counsel.
(Advertiser library photo - May 4, 1932)



Attorney Clarence Darrow and the defendants involved in the Massie case.
From left to right: Clarence Darrow, O.A. Lord, Edward S. Jones, Major
Gordon C. Ross, Grace Fortescue, and Lieutenant Thomas Massie.



The Massies read their mail in their quarters on the USS Alton. From left to right: Robert Bell,
Mrs. Granville Fortescue, Thalia Massie, and Lieutenant Thomas H. Massie. March 26, 1932.



Thalia Massie (left), the Massies' lawyer Clarence Darrow, and Lieutenant Tommie Massie
on the Matson Liner Malolo in San Francisco. With them is their dog Kriss. They're
returning to the mainland after the trial of the four defendants accused of raping
Thalia Massie. May 13, 1932.



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