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Caroline GRILLS



Caroline Grills



Caroline Grills became known as 'Aunty Thally' after being convicted of the thallium poisoning murders.
(Picture: NWN Library
Source: The Daily Telegraph).



Grills would slip thallium into cups of tea or home-baked goodies and serve them to her family.
(Picture: NWN Library
Source: The Daily Telegraph)



Mrs Caroline Grills arrives at the Coroner's Court, George St in 1953.





Blinded Mrs Lundberg (middle) for whose attempted murder Mrs Grills was convicted.
Pictured with her daughter Christina and son-in-law John.
(Picture: NWN Library. Source: The Daily Telegraph)



A newspaper clipping about Caroline Grills with the headline 'Kindly housewife won infamy as mass poisoner'.
(Picture: NWN Library.)





Thallium and its compounds are often highly toxic. Among the distinctive effects of thallium poisoning are
loss of hair (which led to its initial use as a depilatory before its toxicity was properly appreciated) and
damage to peripheral nerves (victims may experience a sensation of walking on hot coals). Thallium
was once an effective murder weapon before its effects became understood, and an antidote
(Prussian blue) discovered.