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Christine Marie PAOLILLA



Christine Paolilla mug shot



Christine Paolilla, with her first wig. At age 5 Christine was diagnosed with a hair-loss condition
called alopecia. "She would wake up in the morning and there would be clumps of hair all over
her pillow, patches here, patches there," her mother, Lori Paolilla, told ABC News. "And eventually
 [it] led to where it affected her eyes, so she lost her eyebrows, she lost her eyelashes."
(Handout -
The Chronicle)



Christine Paolilla was a bullied teen who wore awkward wigs to cover her bald head until two of the
most popular girls in school took her under their wings and transformed her into 'Miss Irresistible'



Christine Paolilla at home with stepfather Tom Dick, left, and Lori Paolilla, right, during her middle
school years. Christine hated wearing a wig, her mother said. "That was devastating. She had poor
vision so she had what I guess most folks would know as 'Coke-bottle glasses,' and started
being ridiculed by young children," Lori Paolilla told ABC News. "Classmates would come up
behind her, pull her wig off her head ... It was so painful to watch."
(Handout -
The Chronicle)



Christine Paolilla as a high school sophomore in 2002. "I can't even imagine really, truly how she
was feeling," said her mom, Lori Paolilla. "As a parent, as a mother, the pain of a child ... waking
up in the morning thinking, 'What am I going to have to go through today? Who is going to
hurt me today?' It was very difficult for her."
(Handout -
The Chronicle)



Christine Paolilla in 2003, the year her Clear Lake High School class voted her "Miss Irresistible"
-- and the year she and boyfriend Chris Snider committed four murders.
(Handout -
The Chronicle)



Christine Paolilla with mom Lori Paolilla, the day she walked with her graduating class
at Clear Lake High School (she did not earn a diploma).
(Handout -
The Chronicle)



Christine Paolilla later married Justin Rott. Rott told police that Paolilla admitted to going to the
house to participate in a drug heist, and when Snider started shooting she didn't hesitate to join in.
(Courtesy Lori Paolilla -
The Chronicle)



By 2006, Christine Paolilla and husband Justin Rott were both heavy heroin users. The pair holed
up in a hotel room in San Antonio, shooting drugs day after day, month after month. "She never
left that room one time," said Rott. "The whole, over-nine-month time, the only time I ever left
was to get food or drugs." She stayed in the room until the police came for her. "It almost looked
like a murder scene inside this hotel room," said Houston Police Sgt. Brian Harris. "There's blood
on the wall, hundreds of needles, used needles on the ground, boxes of brand new needles
ready to go and then, literally, about 80, 85 needles lined up on a dresser
with heroin inside 'em. It reeked."
(Handout -
The Chronicle)



Christine Paolilla interrogation.



Christine Paolilla makes her first court appearance since her arrest.
(Photo: Jessica Kourkounis, For The Chronicle)



Defense attorney Mike DeGeurin and Christine Paolilla listen to State District Judge Kent Ellis as
he speaks to the jury pool in September at the Harris County Criminal Courthouse in Houston.
(Photo: Mayra Beltrán, Chronicle File)



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