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Rodney James ALCALA



Rodney James Alcala



Serial killer Rodney Alcala won 'The Dating Game' just before murder spree



Rodney James Alcala in 1979.



Rodney James Alcala



Alcala in prison.



Rodney James Alcala in 1997



Rodney James Alcala is indicted in Orange County Superior Court September 19, 2005.



Rodney James Alcala



This Jan. 11, 2010 file photo shows Rodney Alcala, a former death row inmate who was
twice convicted of the 1979 killing of a 12-year-old Huntington Beach girl, sitting in
Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana, Calif.
(AP Photo/Nick Ut, File)



Serial Killer Rodney Alcala received multiple guilty verdicts for brutally raping torture
and killing several women in the late 1970's and early 1980's. February 25, 2010.



The penalty phase of the People vs. Alcala trial begins at a Santa Ana, CA courtroom.
March 2, 2010.



Rodney Alcala, right, enters the courtroom before the start of final arguments
in the death penalty trial, March 3, 2010



Serial killer Rodney Alcala talks with his investigator, Alfredo Rasch, in court in Santa Ana
on March 30, 2010, before being sentenced to death. In February, Alcala was found
guilty of kidnapping and murdering 12-year-old Robin Samsoe of Huntington Beach,
plus the murder of four women in Los Angeles County
(Michael Goulding/AP file)



Serial killer Rodney Alcala listens as he is sentenced to death by Judge Francisco Briseno
in a Santa Ana courtroom. 
(Credit: Michael Goulding / Pool photo)



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