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Glenn Haslam BARKER



Glenn Barker maintains his innocence in all murder cases.
(Photo courtesy Richmond Police)



Glenn Barker and his mother, Dorothy Phillips, in an undated photo
from the early to mid-1990s.





Twelve-year-old Katie Worsky disappeared on June 12, 1982 from a sleep-over on
McElroy Drive. Barker was the last adult to see her, and evidence in his apartment
linked him to the crime. He was convicted of second-degree murder for Worsky's
death and served half of his 18-year sentence.
(Photo by Erin Heisterman)



Katie in an early school photo.
(Photo courtesy Worsky family)



"She was my little buddy," says Alan Worsky, seen here fishing with Katie a few years
before her disappearance. "I liked having her out there with me."
(Photo courtesy Worsky family)



Katie was "vibrant, outgoing, very happy, and well liked," says Rosemary
Beard Heflin, who attended Burley with her.
(Photo courtesy Worsky family)



Katie Worsky was kidnapped from a sleep-over at this house at 2745 McElroy Drive in
Charlottesville on July 12, 1982. Glenn Barker was last seen that night reading a
bedtime story to the 8-year-old son of the home's occupant, Carrie Gates.
(Photo by Erin Heisterman)



Twenty-five years after Katie disappeared, John, Jamie, Alan and Robin
(in front) say the wondering never ends.
(Photo by Erin Heisterman)



Paula Jean Chandler, inset, was a National Honor Student at Albemarle High School.
On June 21, 1982, a fisherman discovered her body in the basin of the Rivanna
Reservoir dam. The Daily Progress ran this photo of an Albemarle County deputy
pulling her body from the water, sparking outrage among viewers who
considered it insensitive.
(Photo courtesy Albemarle High School Library)



Kelly Bergh Dove was a young, loving mother before her disappearance from
a Harrisonburg gas station at age 20. She has never been found.
(Photo courtesy Fred and Rachel Bergh)



Kelly Bergh Dove one month before her June 18, 1982 disappearance.
(Photo courtesy Fred and Rachel Bergh)



Thirty-four-year-old Cynthia Johnson and her daughter, Heather, were killed August 29,
1996 in South Richmond. Cynthia had recently broken up with Glenn Barker.



Cynthia and Heather Johnson were murdered in this house at 6535 West Junaluska Drive
on August 29, 1996. Police say Barker was and is the main suspect.
(Photo by Courteney Stuart)



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