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Gert Bastian was a German military officer and politician with the Green Party.



Bastian was, from March 29, 1983 until February 18, 1987, an elected member
of the Greens in the German Federal Parliament.



Between February 10, 1984 and March 18, 1986, Bastian was an independent member
of Parliament having separated from the Green's Parliamentary group several times
over his opposition to the rotation principle for leadership then enforced in the
Greens. He was then deselected by the Green Party.



In the eighties Bastien was, together with his partner Petra Kelly of one of
the most important partners of the GDR opposition in the West.



Leaders of the German Greens, From left: former General Gert Bastian, his companion Petra Kelly, Otto
Schily, and Marieluise Beck-Oberdorf, carry flowers and potted conifers, as they lead a parade of
Green party members and supporters on a walk towards the Bundestag (West German parliament)
before entering the building in Bonn, West Germany, in a March 29, 1983 file photo.



Petra Kelly, a founder of Germany's Green party, and Gert Bastian.



Petra Kelly and Gert Bastian.



Petra Kelly and Gert Bastian.



Gert Bastian was found dead in Bonn on October 19, 1992 together with Petra Kelly.
According to the police report Bastian shot Kelly dead in her sleep with his old
service weapon and afterwards killed himself.



The victim


Petra Kelly 1979



Petra Karin Kelly was instrumental in founding the German Green Party,
the first Green party to rise to prominence worldwide.



Petra Kelly with Willy Brandt, 1983.



Petra Kelly 1983.



Petra Kelly 1987.



Petra Kelly



Petra Kelly








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