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David Richard BERKOWITZ









David had built up an anger and frustration for women -the only sexual experiance he had was with a prostitute in Korea who "gave" him a venereal disease, and had a strange fantasy life which took him to violence when he finally quit the Army in '74. Before commiting murders David was spending his time with setting fires (a total of approximately 1.488 in NY) and keeping each arson in his diary.

An arson log kept by David Berkowitz, showing dates and locations.



David Berkowitz's father



The demonic dog, a black Labrador retriever
named Harvey, ordered David to kill



Michael Carr



Michael Carr's accident.



Traffic ticket that led to the arrest of David Berkowitz.



David Berkowitz's car.



New York -- Aug. 11, 1977 -- On the seat of David Berkowitz's car are maps, a bottle, an automobile distributor cap and a coy of the parking ticket that led to his arrest. Thirty years ago David Berkowitz the man known as the Son of Sam, whose murder spree terrorized New York City during the long hot summer of 1977, was apprehended.
(Paul Hosefros/The New York Times)



A 8 x 10-and-a-half original AP Laserphoto from 1977 featuring David Berkowitz, sleeping in his cell at Kings County Hospital prison ward. The New York Post reported that Berkowitz who has spent the past four months in an isolation cell at the hospital has totally withdrawn from reality. It says all that on the bottom of the photo released by Associated Press.



David Berkowitz gives an interview to the press in 1979 while imprisoned
at the Attica Correctional Facility.









I want to greet you in the name of my precious Savior, Jesus Christ., I am so grateful to be able to share this message of hope, the message that God is good and His mercy endures forever.



For the people who were injured, who lost their lives because of my actions, I have no excuse. I know I've ruined the lives of many people. Now I look back and see that I was the biggest fool, and I did Satan's dirty work. I have nobody to blame but myself because I could have gotten out of what I was into. I have nothing but deep sorrow in my heart and regret over all that has happened.



I will always continue to pray for the peace of the families who were hurt, that Jesus would help them through their great loss, their grief and suffering, and bring the saving comfort only He can give. Part of me will never forget and never stop sorrowing, and yet another part wants to move on and share the precious love of Jesus with people.



A few years into my sentence,while I was housed inside Attica prison, an inmate managed to attack me with a razor blade and I nearly died. With a sentence of 350 years plus life, and no hope of ever getting out, I struggled to survive. Yet another part of me just wanted to die. I should have died when that inmate slit my throat. I should have died during many other situations in my life because I was always in trouble.



Judge Robert Alexander, Former Prison Guard at Attica Prison.







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