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Kenneth Alessio BIANCHI



Kenneth Bianchi (shown in this 11/78 file photo) already held in Bellingham, Washington for
the strangulation murders of two coeds, will also be charged here with committing 10
 of the 13 so-called "Hillside Strangler" slayings of young women.



Kenneth Bianchi



Kenneth Bianchi



Kenneth Bianchi



Kenneth A. Bianchi, booking photo, Los Angeles County Jail, October 20, 1979.
(Courtesy Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department)



Gerald William Wisbey, brother of woman who lived with and bore child of Kenneth Bianchi
views evidence shown by prosecutor, Roger Boren.



Audrey Loper testifies at morning hearing, describing the facial blemishes
on Kenneth Bianchi's face and neck area.



Kenneth Bianchi in handcuffs is being escorted possibly to or from the Criminal
Courts Building in Los Angeles.



Kenneth A. Bianchi appearing stone-faced and silent after sentencing. He is being transported
by the Hillside Strangler Task Force detectives at the basement of the Criminal Courts
Building in Los Angeles.



Bellingham, Washington: Admitted murderer Kenneth Bianchi grimaces as he begins to cry during
legal proceedings here 10/19. Bianchi admitted the slayings of two Bellingham college coeds last
January and also admitted to five of the "Hillside Strangler" murders in the Los Angeles area
in 1977 and 1978. (October 19, 1979)



October 22, 1979 - Los Angeles, CA: Kenneth Bianchi gets out of a sheriff's car on arrival at Criminal
Courts Building here for arraignment on charges that he murdered five women in the Los Angeles
area late in 1977 and early 1978.



Kenneth Bianchi, the Hillside Strangler, testifies in a courtroom against his cousins
and accomplice Angelo Buono. (July 6, 1981)



Defense attorney Gerald Chaleff questions Kenneth Bianchi.



Defense attorney, Gerald Chaleff questions Kenneth Bianchi on the stand as Judge
Ronald M. George listens.



Kenneth Bianchi, convicted in five of the 10 Hillside Strangler murders, is escorted to a helicopter
at the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail for a trip to the airport and a flight to Washington state.
There Bianchi, 32, will serve a life sentence in the state penitentiary in Walla Walla for killing two
Bellingham co-eds in 1979. He will be eligible for parole from Washington in 2005, but then would
face five life terms in California. (1984)



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