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Anders Behring BREIVIK






2011 Norway attacks
Classification: Mass murderer
Characteristics: Bombing and mass shooting
Number of victims: 77
Date of murders: July 22, 2011
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: February 13, 1979
Victims profile: Anne Lise Holter, 51 / Hanne Ekroll Løvlie, 30 / Ida Marie Hill, 34 / Jon Vegard Lervåg, 32 / Hanna Endresen, 61 / Tove Åshill Knutsen, 56 / Kjersti Sandberg, 26 / Kai Hauge, 32 / Monica Elisabeth Bøsei, 45 / Christopher Perreau, 25 / Tore Eikeland, 21 / Havard Vederhus, 21 / Hanne Kristine Fridtun, 19 / Anders Kristiansen, 18 / Tarald Kuven Mjelde, 18 / Guro Vartdal Håvoll, 18 / Jamil Rafal Yasin, 21 / Ismail Haji Ahmed, 19 / Karar Mustafa Qasim, 19 / Bano Abobakar Rashid, 18 / Mona Abdinur, 18 / Gizem Dogan, 17 / Lejla Selaci, 17 / Henrik André Pedersen, 27 / Sverre Flåte Bjørkavåg, 28 / Gunnar Linaker, 23 / Tamta Lipartelliani, 23 / Diderik Aamodt Olsen, 19 / Lene Maria Bergum, 19 / Andreas Edvardsen, 18 / Henrik Rasmussen, 18 / Simon Sæbø, 18 / Carina Borgund, 18 / Ingrid Berg Heggelund, 18 / Monica Iselin Didriksen, 18 / Tina Sukuvara, 18 / Espen Jørgensen, 18 / Sondre Furseth Dale, 17 / Sondre Kjøren, 17 / Syvert Knudsen, 17 / Torjus Jakobsen Blattmann, 17 / Håkon Ødegaard, 17 / Ronja Søttar Johansen, 17 / Eva Kathinka Lütken, 17 / Isabel Victoria Green Sogn, 17 / Silje Merete Fjellbu, 17 / Aleksander Aas Eriksen, 16 / Steinar Jessen, 16 / Andrine hills Espeland, 16 / Margrethe Bøyum Kløven, 16 / Elisabeth Trønnes Lie, 16 / Kevin Daae Berland, 15 / Karin Elena Holst, 15 / Johannes Buø, 14 / Trond Berntsen, 51 / Rune Havdal, 43 / Hanne Balch Fjalestad, 43 / Porntip Ardam, 21 / Bendik Rosnæs Ellingsen, 18 / Even Flugstad Malmedal, 18 / Fredrik Lund Schjetne, 18 / Silje Stamneshagen, 18 / Synne Røyneland, 18 / Andreas Dalby Grønnesby, 17 / Ida Beathe Rogne, 17 / Maria Maagerø Johannesen, 17 / Victoria Stenberg, 17 / Thomas Margido Antonsen, 16 / Åsta Sofie Helland Dahl, 16 / Marianne Sandvik, 16 / Eivind Hovden, 15 / Emil Okkenhaug, 15 / Birgitte Smetbak, 15 / Modupe Ellen Awoyemi, 15 / Ruth Benedicte Vatndal Nilsen, 15 / Sharidyn Svebakk-Bøhn, 14 / Snorre Haller, 30
Method of murder: Bombing / Shooting
Location: Oslo/Utøya island, Norway
Status: Sentenced to containment—a special form of a prison sentence that can be extended indefinitely—with a time frame of 21 years and a minimum time of 10 years, the maximum penalty in Norway, on August 24, 2012

The Breivik Timeline


February 13

Anders Behring Breivik is born, the son of Wenche Behring and Jens David Breivik.


Breivik and his family move to London where his father works in the Norwegian embassy.



Wenche Behring decides to leave Jens David Breivik and moves back to Norway. The father tries to gain custody but fails. Breivik subsequently lives with his mother and six years older half-sister, Elisabeth, at Nedre Silkestrå 15, an apartment complex on the west side of Oslo.



Breivik starts attending kindergarten.

August 3

Breivik's mother contacts social security about her son with a request for him to stay in a supervised weekend home for a while.


January 17

The divorce of Breivik's parents is formalized.

February 1

Breivik’s mother stays with Breivik in the SSBU family division from 1 to 25 February 1983.


Jens Breivik gets married for a 3rd time to Tove Øvermo.

October 3

The City Court of Oslo passes a preliminary judgment in favor of the mother in a custody claim started by Breivik's father.

October 23

The City Court of Oslo concludes the matter when Breivik's father gives up his claim for custody.



Breivik goes to the Vigelandsparken Barnehage, a nursery school.



Breivik has a skirmish with a Turkish friend, whose father destroys Breivik's bicycle in retaliation. Five years later the same father assaults Breivik's neighbour while she walks her dog.

Breivik regularly visits his father and stepmother in Paris.



Breivik joins the Bygdø Monolitten football club in Oslo and plays there for a few years.


Breivik goes to Smestad Skole, a primary school located 600 meters from his home.



Breivik's father moves back to Norway from France.



Tore Tollefsen, a major in the Norwegian army, begins a relationship with Breivik's mother that will last 12 years.



Breivik takes a paper round delivering Aftenposten.


Breivik goes to Ris Ungdomsskole, a middle school located 2800 meters from his home.


July 1

Breivik's half sister moves out.


Breivik joins the YMCA-scouts for a while but leaves due to lack of interest.

Breivik takes up basketball as a hobby.


February 16

Breivik and a friend are caught tagging a bus station in Skøyen. Breivik receives five days of community service and a fine of 3,000 kroner. Breivik uses the word 'morg' as his tag.

July 15

Breivik moves to Konventveien 60, a house 400 meters from the apartment at Nedre Silkestrå.

December 23

Breivik is stopped at Oslo Central Station by the police when he arrives by train from Denmark with 43 spray cans in his bag. A child care case is opened, but dropped on March 15, 1995.


Jens David Breivik and Tove Øvermo get divorced.



Breivik joins the youth organization of the Progress Party (FremskrittsPartiet Ungdommen).

March 9

Breivik is suspended from Ris middle school for two days due to a fight in a Norwegian language class.


Breivik starts in the first grade at Hartvig Nissen Skole.

October 8

Breivik and a companion are detained by security guards for tagging a railroad underpass of the Central Railway Station in Oslo.



Breivik invests 100.000 Nok in an IT company but the market collapses and he loses his investment in just over a month.

Breivik starts driving practice at 17.


Breivik starts working for Acta Dialogue Marketing.


Breivik changes schools and begins attending Oslo Handelsgymnasium.



Breivik begins working as a telemarketer in the now defunct advertising firm Direct Respons located at Klingenberggata 5 and works there until 2003.

June 14

Breivik is arrested for driving a moped while under the influence, without a valid driver's license. A blood test showed a blood alcohol level of 1.15 which equates to the consumption of about 4 beers. He received a 5,000 Kroner fine.



Breivik receives a prescription for Zopiclone, a sleeping pill, once or twice a year until 2003. This to treat insomnia caused by 15 hour work days in combination with occasional shift changes.

Breivik becomes vice-chairman for the FPU in Oslo West.


Breivik starts his own company Behring & Kerner Marketing DA (implementation and sale of telephone services). The company is active until February 1999 and is dissolved on July 3, 2001.


Breivik is drafted into military service but is granted a deferral on the grounds that he has to take care of his mother. Breivik extends his deferral until he's discharged at age 25.


Breivik leaves Oslo Handelsgymnasium to concentrate on his jobs and companies.

The company Breivik works for, Direkte Respons Senteret, is acquired and the name is changed to SNT Norway.



Breivik and a friend who was adopted from Colombia visit a night club where they are attacked by three Muslims. Breivik is punched in the nose, which breaks one of his nasal walls.

Breivik becomes a member of the Progress Party.

February 24

Breivik has corrective surgery on his nose in the United States.


Breivik works as a team leader for the customer service dept. for Enitel (telephony/mobile/internet/support division). He works there until July 2000.


Breivik sets up another company, Media Group AS (primarily development and sales of billboards). The company is soon forced to close due to an accident. The billboard portfolio is sold to Mediamax Norge AS in July 2001.



Breivik is promoted at SNT Norway to manager of the business department.



Breivik sets up a new company "City Group", again involving outdoor media. The company is active until 2004.


Breivik is nominated for a seat in Oslo's city council for the FPU.

October 2

Breivik and his mother move to Hoffsveien 18.

October 18

Breivik moves to Maries gate 12 A where he shares an apartment with roommates.


Breivik takes a job as customer service representative for Bankia Bank ASA. Breivik sets up to sell forged diplomas.



Breivik quits his job at SNT to focus on his own companies.


Breivik becomes a member of the board of directors for Majorstuen Eldresenter (Majorstuen Retirement home) and for Uranienborg Elementary and Secondary School. He abandons this position in October 2002.


Breivik gives up his involvement in the FPU.


Breivik is promoted to supervisor/internal advisor for Bankia Bank ASA.

Breivik establishes contact with fellow ultra-nationalists on the Internet and becomes involved in the founding of Knights Templar Europe.

April 4

Breivik calls the London shop Diamond House to discuss purchases.

April 15

Breivik withdraws approximately 50,000 Nok in cash for his trip to Liberia, and exchanges it for euros.

Breivik calls Diamond House again and contacts another diamond store in London.

April 16

Breivik travels to Liberia to meet an unidentified Serbian war hero. He tells friends the reason for his visit is to buy blood diamonds. Breivik hires two men to drive him around Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, during the day.

April 30

Breivik travels from Liberia to London.

May 1

Breivik takes place in the inaugural meeting of Knights Templar Europe, aka "Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici", a resurrection of the medieval Knights Templar. He is assigned the task to write a compendium based on 60 pages of written documentation.


Breivik sets up Anders Behring Breivik ENK, selling forgeries of diplomas to finance either a political or militant operation. In 2003 and 2004 it has a total of 7 employees: 3 in Norway, 1 in Russia, 1 in Indonesia, 1 in Romania, 1 in the US.

May 12-15

Breivik orders a spectroscope and a diamond weight for $ 86 on May 12. On 13 May he calls the US-based company Antwerp Sale, engaged in wholesale trade of diamonds. On 14 and 15 May he calls the Diamond Institute in Florida about training for diamond cutting. On 15 May he trasnfers $20 to the Diamond Institute in Florida.

May 24

Breivik purchases a monthly subscription to a pricing list for diamonds.

May 31

Breivik transfers $500 to a Liberian named Alfa Kalon.

June 14

Breivik transfers another $4400 to Alfa Kalon.


Breivik becomes a member of the Oslo board for the district Frogner (until November 2004).


September 1

Breivik moves to Tidemands gate 31.

November 25

Breivik's sister, Elisabeth, marries an American in Dallas, Texas.


January 20-21

Breivik travels to Lithuania on 20 January, arriving at 3:30 pm. He departs on 21 January at 4:30 pm. During his stay, he creates an account with Snore bank and puts in a check for just over $ 20,000. There are five known transfers from the account in Lithuania.

April 28-29

Breivik travels to Estonia on 28 April. He arrives at 8:30 pm that day and leaves the next afternoon at just before 4:30 pm. During his stay, he creates an account with Eesti Ühispank SEB and puts in a check.


January 10

Breivik signs a loan agreement with his mother for 475,000 Kroner.


Breivik founds the company E–Commerce Group AS. From within this enterprise, he continued with the sale of diplomas. He employs 2 persons fulltime in Norway and rents offices in Pilestredet in Oslo.

To enable money laundering of the income from the sales of false diplomas, Breivik founds the company Brentwood Solutions LTD in a tax haven in the Caribbean. The income is deposited in an account in the name of Brentwood Solutions LTD in a foreign bank, and later transferred to E–Commerce Group AS as payment for services. Investigations have shown payments of altogether NOK 3,687,588 in the period from 2002 to 2006. Breivik discontinues the operations of E–Commerce Group AS in the first half of 2006. The company went into compulsory liquidation in January 2008.


Breivik travels to Poland, China, and Hungary.

March 4

Breivik travels to Belarus to attend a military training camp, where he stays until March 11.


March 2

Breivik creates an account on World of Warcraft and plays intensively until July 2007.

June 16

Breivik becomes a Freemason as he's initiated as a member of Den Norske Frimurerorden at Nedre Vollgate 19. Breivik takes part in four meetings between his initiation and exclusion from the order on July 25, 2011.

September 1

Breivik moves back in with his mother at Hoffsveien 18.


Breivik stores 300,000 Nok in cash locked in one of his two safes in the floor of his room.


October 17

Breivik creates the email address to use on, one of the first events directly related to the 2011 Norway Attacks.



Breivik travels to Budapest for 5 days to celebrate the birthday of Peter, his best friend, whose parents are Hungarian.


Breivik contacts the Norwegian press bureaus NRK and TV2 with a request they cover the Muslim riots in Gothenburg. The companies respond this is not newsworthy.


Breivik travels to Sweden.


Breivik spends a few weeks contributing to turning the blog into a cultural conservative newspaper with monthly publications and national distribution in Norway.


January 18

Breivik creates a user account to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as a combat simulator. He plays an average of 10 hours a months for one year and four months.

February 11

Breivik has a brief email exchange with Fjordman about utilizing Facebook.

December 31

Breivik spends New Year's Eve playing World of Warcraft for at least 17 hours.


March 10

Breivik visits his stepmother, Tove Øvermo, in her home south of Oslo.

April 11

Breivik consults a GP over an infection with sinusitis and is prescribed antibiotics on April 15. He uses the following two-week period of illness to prepare for his move to Rena.

May 4

Breivik moves to Åsta Øst, 2450 Rena where he rents a farm house.

July 17

Breivik writes on twitter: One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests.

July 22

Breivik executes the 2011 Norway Attacks which includes the Oslo bombing at 15:25:22 and the Utoya massacre between 17:17 and 18:34.

July 23

Breivik is examined clinically at 1:30 in the morning. Clinical examination continues on a daily basis until September 14.

Breivik is transported to Ila prison and interrogated extensively during the day. The ensuing total of 31 interrogations last until at least October 12 and take up to 12 hours a day (the police have 223 hours and 47 minutes recorded; a total of 1137 pages of protocolled data). Breivik offers the police a trade during this interrogation whereby he will reveal 98% of his knowledge if the police meet certain demands.

The Oslo police start interrogating Breivik's friends as witnesses.

July 25

Sovereign Grand Master of the Norwegian Order of Freemasons, Ivar A. Skar, expels Breivik.

July 28

Husby and Sørheim are appointed to assess Breivik's criminal sanity, marking the beginning of the Psychiatric Evaluation of Anders Behring Breivik.

August 13

Breivik takes part in the Utoya Massacre Reconstruction. The reconstruction starts at 14:56 and takes about 7 hours.

September 8 - November 4

Wenche Behring is interrogated on September 8, 12, 15, 22 and on November 4.

September 14

Breivik's prison health checks are reduced from daily to twice a week.

December 12

Breivik is allowed access to the media and is given a DVD player and a TV. He is given hundreds of articles by his lawyers.


January 9

The court-ordered ban on communication to the outside world is lifted, allowing Breivik to send letters, make calls, and receive visitation, if permitted by the prison authorities.

April 16

The Trial of Anders Behring Breivik begins.

July 23

Breivik is moved to Skien prison.

July 26

Ila prison director Knut Bjarkeid announces the Department of Justice has instructed Ila prison to severely restrict Breivik's ability to write and receive letters.

August 24

Breivik is given a 21-year sentence which can be extended indefinitely.

October 8

Breivik is moved back to Ila prison.

October 31

Breivik writes a 27 page letter to the Norwegian Correctional Services about his prison conditions which is leaked to the press.

November 8

Breivik offers to donate his Knights Templar Dress Uniform, Homemade Police Uniform, Knights Templar Coin, Knights Templar Medallion, Ruger Mini-14, and Glock 34 to the Norwegian Resistance Museum. The offer is declined.


Breivik writes a 27-page letter to the Ila prison director in an attempt to improve his prison conditions.


January 18

Breivik files a legal complaint against Ila prison director Knut Bjarkeid and the minister of justice Grete Faremo to improve his prison conditions.

February 19

Breivik sends an application to the Norwegian Entity Registry, with the request to create the association 'The Norwegian fascist party and the Nordic league.' The goal of the association is to create a Nordic indigenous state in South Østfold.

March 21

Breivik's application to the Norwegian Entity Registry is rejected as it requires two people to found an association.

March 22

Wenche Behring dies at age 66 from cancer, she was allowed to hug her son farewell the week before. Breivik's request to attend the funeral is denied.

June 11

Tord Jordet announces that Breivik renounced his inheritance to prevent the money from being placed in a compensation fund.

June 30

The University of Oslo sends Breivik a letter explaining why they rejected his application to study Political Science.

August 1

In a letter to Morgenbladet Breivik announces that he is submitting his first book, The Breivik Diaries, to his publisher on August 1, 2013.

September 8

Breivik is moved to Skien prison.

September 9

Vibeke Hein Bæra announces that Breivik has formalized his high school education and that Ila prison has rejected his request to start a college education. There's the possibility that Skien prison will allow this.

September 29

Breivik writes a letter to the International press regarding his ideology and prison conditions. He states he's limited to 5 minutes of human contact a day as of early 2013, likely with the prison psychologist. He's not allowed phone calls or visitation.

December 5

Breivik writes a letter to the Norwegian Correctional Services announcing he will begin a hunger strike if his prison conditions are not improved.


February 24

The Norwegian police rejects Breivik's complaint about being subjected to prolonged solitary confinement, finding it within the scope of Norwegian law.



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