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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Robberies
Number of victims: 2
Date of murders: January 11/February 19, 1991
Date of birth: 1970
Victims profile: Alexander Gutman (jewellery store owner) / Jerome Slobotkin (jeweller)
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Status: Sentenced to life in prison in 1992. Sentenced to death on August 10, 1994

United States Court of Appeals
For the Third Circuit


opinion 01-9004 & 01-9005


United States Distric Court
For the Eastern District of Pennsylvania


civil action - memorandum 99-2186


Antuan Bronshtein - Pennsylvania (born in Soviet Union [Moldova])

In August 1994, Antuan Bronshtein was sentenced to death in Pennsylvania for the January 1991 murder of Alexander Gutman, a jewellery store owner, in the course of a robbery. In 1992 he had been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a second jeweller, Jerome Slobotkin, who was shot one month after Gutman.

Born in Kishnev in the Soviet Union in 1970, Bronshtein's family left their native country when Antuan was 7. He and six other members of his family lived for four months in a single room in Italy while waiting for permission to enter the United States. After their arrival in the USA in 1978, Bronshtein was taunted in school over his nationality and his poor English. The family broke up when he was nine years old and his father allegedly beat him repeatedly.

Bronshtein's chronic emotional and mental problems led him to turn to drugs at a very early age, reportedly using heroin, cocaine and marijuana by age 11. By age16, he was diagnosed as suffering from a range of disturbances including paranoid personality disorder and depression. Jail records describe his behaviour after his arrest as acutely psychotic.

In February 1991, Bronshtein telephoned Philadelphia police investigators from South Carolina about the murder of Slobotkin. On his return to Philadelphia, he gave police a detailed confession to the murder which he later tried to recant, maintaining that he confessed only after detectives assured him that they would do what they could on his behalf. On further questioning he attributed both murders to a high-level member of the local Russian Mafia. Significantly, one of the three mitigating circumstances acknowledged by the jury at his trial was the possibility that Bronshtein had not actually pulled the trigger.

Twice in 1997, Bronshtein had a date of execution scheduled and later postponed. In January 1998 he informed the court that he no longer wished to appeal his death sentence. At a court hearing in July 1998 to determine his mental competence, he was told that further evaluation was necessary before his waiver could be accepted.

A few days later, Bronshtein attempted suicide. He later refused any further psychiatric assessment and, at a hearing in January 1999, demanded that he be executed by the state. A third execution date was set, but on 8 April Bronshtein unexpectedly informed his attorneys that he had decided to resume his appeals.

Upon finally learning of the case in late 1998, the Moldovan Consulate filed a protest with the State Department and submitted a letter to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The consulate outlined Moldova's concerns over the apparent failure of local arresting authorities both to inform Bronshtein of his right to consular assistance and to notify the consulate itself of his arrest, as required under the terms of a consular convention with the USA. Upon the discovery that Bronshtein had become a naturalised US citizen prior to his arrest, Moldova later withdrew its protest.

The intervention of the authorities of his native Moldova, the efforts of his family and public support are believed to have contributed to Bronshtein's decision to appeal his death sentence. Bronshtein is currently fighting to have his appeal reinstated in the state courts, as well as appealing both of his sentences in the federal courts.


USA (Pennsylvania) Antuan BRONSHTEIN, aged 28

March 16, 1999

Antuan Bronshtein's execution has been rescheduled for 4 May 1999, so that it does not coincide with Passover (Pesach), an eight-day Jewish festival. Antuan Bronshtein, who is Jewish, had previously been scheduled to die on 8 April, the last day of Passover.

He was sentenced to death on 10 August 1994 for the murder of jewellery shop owner Alexander Gutman in Valley Forge, Montgomery County, in 1991.

Antuan Bronshtein, who has a history of mental and emotional problems, including suicidal tendencies, has given up his appeals against his death sentence. In June 1998, a doctor attempted to evaluate his mental competency to waive his appeals, but was unable to reach a conclusion and determined that further evaluation was warranted.

Antuan Bronshtein was reportedly using heroin, cocaine and marijuana by the age of 11. Since the age of 16 he has been diagnosed with various mental conditions, including borderline personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder and depression. His depression has deepened on death row. He is believed to have been suicidal for some time, and is reported to have attempted to slash his own throat in mid-1998.

According to information received by Amnesty International, Antuan Bronshtein still has strong legal issues on which to fight his death sentence should he choose to do so. At the original trial, the judge instructed the jury that, if they found that Antuan Bronshtein was a member of a conspiracy to rob or steal, then he was guilty of any crime committed by another member of that conspiracy regardless of whether he shared the perpetrator's intent. Thus the jury was allowed to convict Antuan Bronshtein of first degree murder without determining if he himself had a specific intent to kill.

Amnesty International is informed that this instruction to the jury was wrong, as under Pennsylvania law a person may be found guilty of first degree murder under a conspiracy theory only if he or she shares the same intent as the perpetrator. At the penalty phase of the trial, the jury found as a mitigating factor that Antuan Bronshtein may not have been the triggerman, leaving lingering doubt as to his culpability in the murder.

Further investigation has revealed that Antuan Bronshtein is a US citizen, not a Moldovan national as previously reported. Preliminary investigations had established that he was born in Kishenev in the then Soviet Union, but had not revealed any details of US naturalization. However, the District Attorney was subsequently able to secure information that Antuan Bronshtein is a naturalized US citizen. As a result there is no concern in this case relating to Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, as raised in the original EXTRA. Appeals on this concern should therefore cease.


Antuan Bronshtein #BU-0261 PA


Born in the former Soviet Union I was 6 ½ when my family emigrated to the United States. My childhood and early youth were split living between Philadelphia and “Little Odessa” in Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn NY. Growing up I had big dreams of going to Harvard and making a difference in the world: wanting to become a lawyer I dreamed of righting injustice. Life not having been very kind from the beginning had other plans: by age 15 those dreams would be shattered when, no longer able to endure the abuse of one parent and not wanted by the other, I was left to survive the mean streets on my own.

Already a middle school dropout I had a full time job as a jeweler by then which, due to age if not for lack of ability, having already been professionally trained, didn’t pay enough to survive on. With shame and regret, for parting with my deeply held morals, I did what I had to do to survive. By age 16 I was in juvenile detention after being caught ransacking my mother house in retaliation for her husband keeping me from my little sister who I felt very fatherly towards after our parents divorced. Given the choice of being locked up until I was 18 or sprung by much older criminal types, who needed an underage front man for a huge fencing operation, I chose the latter and by age 17 I was a partner in my own jewelry store - Golden Creations by Tony. By age 19 I was involved in everything from fencing stolen jewelry, and moving large amounts of cocaine for disreputable authority figures, to staging car accidents for an equally disreputable lawyer who not only enjoys a listing on Philadelphia’s Super Lawyer list but enjoyed ties to Presidents Regan and Bush 1. With hardly anything other then a son to be proud of I look back on that part of my life with much sorrow and regret…

I could tell you how prison saved me… how it allowed me the opportunity to educate myself and find my purpose in life, but it is not my accomplishments I wish to share with the world just yet…

Lovely as it would be to reconnect with respectable old friends and where possible make new ones, my main objective is to expose Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s impeachable offenses [as a Third Circuit Court Judge] in my case and, in doing so, to bring about his impeachment and that of other high ranking officials who have been using the influence of our Nations Highest office to violate my civil rights, after I rejected their badly disguised attempts to make me go away quietly.

While I’m most interested in hearing from attorneys and members of the media I welcome letters from all like minded individuals/kindred spirits.

Much Love,


Surreal as you’ll find my ordeal with the justice system has been, I have audio-tape evidence, court transcripts and orders, as well as other documented evidence to support all of my claims. The audio-tape and documented evidence are so damaging on their own merit that officials have risked their careers and good standing in order to cover up Samuel Alito’s wrongdoing in my case: in collusion with his good, long time, friend Patrick O’Conner who, record and audio-tape evidence will show, used undue influence to get Alito and his then Third Circuit panel to cover up his firms recognizable malpractice which Mr. O’Conner had to know would be found - as it was before being questioned and admitted during oral arguments in Bronshtein v. Horn; brazenly covered up by Alito, without dissent in his April 14, 2005 opinion. But, hard as they tried, they couldn’t keep me from hearing the April 22, 2003 oral arguments audio-tape - The Achilles’ heel - upon which hearing I had an Epiphany that would not only serve to humble me but made my weathered journey in life make sense, and once I have explained how it would cross paths with the aforementioned individuals it will begin to make sense to my readers as well; details of the discovery that would give my life purpose, and of the political machine that followed, will follow.

Imprisoned in Pennsylvania since February 27, 1991 on charges of murder, among others on February 28, 1992 I was convicted of 1st degree murder and sentenced to life in prison for the shooting death of 57 year old Jerome Slobotkin which occurred inside his Philadelphia County home on the morning of February 19, 1991 A jeweler and fence like myself Mr. Slobotkin and I had a very friendly business relationship, he was also my financier. Before turning their sights on me police initially suspected notorious Philadelphia mob boss Nicadimo “Nicky” Scarfo who was also a business associate of Mr. Slobotkin. This was never a case of innocence but degree of responsibility which after discovered evidence will prove was much less than that which was found.

After being misrepresented by several attorneys - who; 1) Failed to meet with me or a single witness to prepare for trial in any manner; 2) Abandoned me 8 days before my appeal was due before the State Supreme Court after ill-advising me to agree to a profer with the F.B.I. Who would later use that information to help police frame me for another jeweler’s murder; 3) Filed a perjured no merit letter without ever even letting me know that she was appointed, and 4) Failed to file my appeal on time which got it dismissed with prejudice - the state Superior Court, who would later find these attorneys derelict in their duties, refused to overturn this unconstitutional conviction due to the very malpractice they found all these attorneys committed, including the present attorney that brought this appeal.

Later, in the summer of 2004, after praising Cozen O’Conner Attorney Peter Rossi for doing a zealous job in response to my complaint against him, U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter Scudari blasted him 2 weeks later, in his report and recommendation to the U.S. District Court Judge Norma Shapiro, for failing to make the very arguments I complained about …

Oddly enough, in an opinion that not only misrepresents the facts, but misapplies and circumvents the law as every opinion in this case did before it, Judge Shapiro, who assigned Judge Scudari to review the record in this case, stubbornly refused to accept his recommendation to grant a Certificate of Appealibilty to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, who on November 15, 2004 dismissed my appeal in a one sentence order writing “appellant has not made a substantial showing of denial of constitutional right:

After a 2 ½ year investigation which pointed to someone else, on June 2, 1993, I was arrested again and on April 22, 1994 I was convicted and sentenced to death for the January 11, 1991 murder of a 61 year old Alexander Gutman which occurred inside his Montgomery County jewelry store in the heart of a large shopping mall. Mr. Gutman was an acquaintance who I knew from boyhood. There is not a single shred of credible evidence to connect me to any of the crimes charged in this case and after discovered evidence will not only prove me innocent but that Montgomery County and Philadelphia detectives went to great lengths in conspiring with F.B.I. agents to frame me which shamefully, I believe in part, I brought on myself with my then arrogant and cocky behavior when dealing with detectives…

Legal scholars, including 3rd Circuit Court Judge Walter K. Stapleton, who have reviewed this case, blame this conviction on the trial courts prejudicial rulings which included, among others, allowing the jury to hear Slobotkin case evidence which naturally prejudiced the jury against me. Adding to the prejudice was my attorneys missteps, stemming from conflict of interest with the prosecutor: At the time of my trial the prosecutor Thomas C. Egan was in talks with my attorney John I. McMahon Jr. and his father about joining their law firm which Mr. McMahon would only inform me midway through my trail after my family overheard them talking in the halls of the courthouse. Despite my strenuous objection, Mr. McMahon, who was retained by my family, represented me on direct appeal.

The Pa. Supreme Court affirmed my conviction and sentence on March 25, 1997. The opinion authored by Ron Castille, who well respected Duquesne University Law Professor Bruce Ledewitz has publicly called “corrupt” in published articles, not only badly misrepresented the already badly tainted record facts and evidence to deny relief when it was otherwise due but, as the Federal Courts would later find, badly misrepresented the law and re-wrote U.S. Supreme Court precedent as it applied to Batson V. Kentucky; Agreeing with trial judge Stanely R. Ott’s prejudicial ruling that Jews are not considered an ethnic group that would entitle me to the equal protection clause set in Batson - which
forbids prosecutors from discriminating against potential jurors based solely on religion, race and or ethnicity shared with the defendant - Mr. Castille, who completely re-wrote the requirements of Batson wrote I wouldn’t be entitled to Batson protection anyway since the victim and I are both Jewish, in clear violation of Supreme Court rule. The fact that Mr. Castille was the District Attorney in Philadelphia County at the time of my highly publicized arrest for Mr. Slobotkin’s homicide may explain his arbitrary rulings against me….

Attorney Robert Dunham (#4 in the Slobotkin case) and his organization of death penalty opponent lawyers, then called C.L.E.A.D.A. (Center for Legal Education, Advocacy and Defense Assistance) contacted me within weeks of Mr. Castille’s opinion. After going back on his word to expose the misconduct in both of my cases, and using such misleading and unethical tactics to obtain stale and unauthorized juvenile records which Mr. Dunham and company planned to use for unauthorized purposes, I almost had to die to get rid of them…

After having made National headlines while waiting to be executed, I was contacted by Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. Written communications from two attorneys who were involved in my talks with Mr. Dershowitz will show he not only assured me he would take both of my cases, if I agreed to fight on, but made the promise to be lead counsel to both attorneys. Without so much as a good bye let alone an explanation why Mr. Dershowitz dropped out of my life two weeks after I was granted a stay of execution…

Attorney Peter G. Rossi, who was brought in by Mr. Dershowitz and was involved in our talks from the beginning, took over both cases. A senior partner at Cozen O’Connor, Mr. Rossi, who admittedly doesn’t practice criminal nor appellate law, brought in Temple Law Professor Louis Natali, who sits on the board of directors of Robert Dunham’s organization and, in spite of the enormous malpractice they committed, in a conflict of interest with lawyers from Mr. Dunham’s group that were brought in as ghost writers, on July 5, 2001 U.S. District Court Judge Lowell A. Reed granted me a new trail and sentencing hearing - finding that both my conviction and sentence were flawed by constitutional infirmities…

Both cases would eventually wind up in front of Alito whose decision in the first case is highly suspect at best, and is nothing short of impeachable in the second which, while still pretending to be my friend before I learned otherwise upon hearing oral arguments audio-tape, Peter Rossi originally convinced me was strictly politically motivated…

Patrick O’Connor, a managing partner at Cozen O’Connor who by all accounts enjoys considerable influence in legal and political circles, had absolutely no prior involvement with my case whatsoever before he improperly entered his appearance [as counsel] for oral arguments next to Peter Rossi and Louis Natali - whose malpractice I not only began questioning in the weeks leading up to oral arguments but threatened several times to complain to the court about; all of which you’ll find more thoroughly explained below.

Record and Audio-tape Evidence Will Prove

Alito’s opinion was not only a politically motivated affront to justice - where he blatantly misrepresented the already badly tainted and previously misrepresented record facts, and evidence, in order to come to his absurd and credibility challenged conclusions - As Peter Rossi would have had me believe - but where even more dishonorably he allowed Patrick O’Connor’s improper appearance to persuade him and the panel to cover up Peter Rossi’s and Louis Natali’s admitted malpractice as I would later discover upon hearing the oral arguments audio-tape, which is when I also discovered Patrick O’Connor’s undue influence…

After being fought for more then 2 years - first by Peter Rossi, then by Alito himself - on June 9, 2005 I finally got to hear the April 22, 2003 oral arguments audio-tape where, at 586 on the tapes player’s timer, panel member Walter K. Stapleton clearly found “tremendous prejudice was suffered by the unconstitutional admission of other crimes evidence”, i.e. the Slobotkin evidence, before he got Louis Natali to admit his and Peter Rossi’s malpractice for failing to raise this obviously meritorious issue on “Federal Constitutional grounds” which Alito’s opinion brazenly covered up; dismissing the issue as merit less. Alito’s panel also included Maryann Trump Barry and her overeager statements at Alito’s confirmation hearings were very telling to say the least…

Patrick O’Connor’s improper appearance/undue influences [as counsel for oral arguments] would be kept secret from me to this day if I hadn’t fought so hard to get a copy of the oral arguments audio-tape where his appearance is clearly announced with Peter Rossi’s and Louis Natali’s and in fact shows up on Alito’s opinion which first got my attention and aroused suspicion.

Failure To Raise After Discovered Evidence/Admission Of Much Broader Malpractice

My written communications with Peter Rossi, which I have copies of will prove I began questioning his malpractice in the weeks leading up to oral arguments. In addition to the issue the panel found malpractice with there are several others that were never raised - including issues dealing with after discovered evidence which at a minimum prove a greater likelihood of innocence in the Gutman case and a much lesser degree of responsibility in the Slobotkin case.

For example: Wilson Perez - A key prosecution witness in both cases who was the only one to directly connect me to the crimes charged after initially denying having any knowledge before giving police 6 statements changing his story with each one - provided a sworn affidavit, to which he testified at my 1994 trial, that he didn’t know anything about me purportedly killing anyone but that police threatened to charge him if eh didn’t provide false witness on me as he twice did. What wasn’t known at the time of this testimony, since police and prosecutors withheld this highly exculpatory and impeaching material evidence, is that Mr. Perez entirely failed a polygraph examination which was administered on September 12, 1991 - 5 months before my 1992 trial.

The only question he was found to be telling the truth on is that he was never at the scene of either crime. The polygraph examiner’s reports, which the Commonwealth also deliberately withheld, would have proven the only thing Mr. Perez testified truthfully about was that police threatened to frame him if he didn’t help them frame me. At the time of both trials Mr. Perez, an enforcer for a mid-level drug dealer and a career criminal, had several open cases against him which in exchange for his admittedly false testimony against me he received probation for. The cooperation agreements he had with prosecutors in both cases were likewise withheld and if that isn’t troubling enough the timing of his many statements is even more so - his statements kept getting juicier ever time he needed a get out of jail free card. There is case law specifically dealing with impeachable polygraph evidence of witnesses dating back to 1987 - Carter v. Rafferty, 826 F.2d 1299 - A 3rd Circuit case which prosecutors in both cases had to have known about before making the decision to withhold this material evidence which could have changed the outcome in both trials. Having been discoved after the fact, at the very least, it could have won me new trails. Promising to raise these issues, and others, at every stage, Mr. Rossi never did - later, admitting his fault, he told me it was too late…

There is even more substantial evidence of actual innocence in the Gutman case which as evidence of Peter Rossi’s and Louis Natali’s much broader malpractice they never raised. Instead, after Mr. Rossi mislead me every step of the way, they misrepresented me in a conflict of interest with lawyers from Robert Dunham’s group who Peter Rossi brought in as ghost writers. As death penalty opponents, who get their funding from the Federal Government, these attorneys only goal was to get me a new sentencing hearing, rather then attacking the unconstitutionality of my wrongful convictions. Both of which were obtained in less then honorable courts which, among other egregious acts, turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the flagrantly obvious perjury and fabrication of evidence by detectives who not only threatened and coached witnesses to lie, commit perjury, make false identifications, and others who could have helped exonerate me to disappear, but fabricated, manufactured and tampered with evidence while deliberately withholding material exculpatory and impeaching evidence which could have easily established the same, but more importantly my innocence in the Gutman case and a much lesser degree of responsibility in the Slobotkin case: all of which could be found thoroughly explained in my pro se pleadings which were filed to the 3rd Circuit in the aftermath of Alito’s opinion.

Alito, who overturned Judge Reed on the new trail but allowed me to keep the new sentencing hearing, granted me leave to file an extended Petition For Rehearing attacking the unconstitutionality of both of my convictions. This 92 page hand written petition not only did that but attacked his opinion for the politically motivated affront to justice Peter Rossi originally lead me to believe it is. Later, after hearing the oral arguments audio-tape, I immeditately filed an 11 page Motion To Dismiss Counsel detailing there malpractice as heard on said audio-tape and their much broader malpractice as admitted by Peter Rossi [during a visit 8 day’s after Alito’s opinion was filed] which I immediately followed up on in a very lengthy letter to make a record of his admission which he responded to promising to make things right, and I of course have copies of both communications…

On July 6, 2005 Alito denied both pleadings in a one page order and by the end of the month something happened that left no doubt I was about to make good on my boyhood dreams or wind up dead trying…

Attempted Improper Influence

In late July 2005, after I attacked Alito’s opinion in several court filings as “politically motivated” and warned of going public about his obvious corruption, I began receiving letters from a purported “Prison Release Ministry” calling itself “The Forgiveness Foundation” which was set up next to The White House on 1700 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 400, Washington DC 2006 Ph# 202-349-3360 Fx# 202-349-1499 - both long disconnected…

After promising to get a good attorney to talk to me and using Bible passages to imply there would be reward for my forgiveness, the supposed executive director, Rodney Rexrode, wrote, in a signed August 8, 2005 letter which I have since produced in court to blind eyes and deaf ears, “…God controls all and in fact can allow circumstances to grant what you are seeking without an attorney.” Immediately suspecting improper influence by The White House - having been informed 2 ½ years earlier that Bush had already promised Alito a seat… And refusing to play along - I wrote Mr. Rexrode “…You’re awfully close to The White House. I wonder if in more ways then your address.”

“The Forgiveness Foundation”, which a freelance writer later suggested was the brainchild of then White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, was never heard from again. It’s important to not before my letter questioning his closeness to The White House “Rodney Rexrode”, who claimed to want to help me, always responded right away. As fate would have it Mr. Card resigned on March 28, 2006, 6 days after receiving a certified letter which I copied all the parties on enlightening them to what I knew for certain up to that point and warning of the scandal that would follow…

The Cover Up / Political Machine

After having my suspicions confirmed by freelance writer Seamus McGraw, whose virtually entirely inaccurate December 30, 2005 sham of a story, “Death Row Inmate Campaigns Against Alitl’s Nomination To Court” , was nothing more then a self contradicting cover up by the Right leaning Jewish publication The Forward, the Political Machine that wanted to see Alito Confirmed and me discredited, if not put out to pasture, began spinning it’s wheels in overdrive…

Several guards from SCI Greene will swear they were arbitrarily ordered to deny me access to and possession of the oral arguments audio-tape which I not only had to petition Alito several times to receive but had authorization to keep, and Alito only granted me with a copy after I wrote him personally, sharing a copy of my October 2004 correspondence with Peter Rossi in which we were discussing the approaching Presidential election and how it would affect Alito’s decision if Bush were reelected, and I of course have copies of these communications…

Before Alito’s confirmation several motions were filed for a change of counsel in several Federal Jurisdictions - All of whom gave me the run around referring me back and forth to the other jurisdiction only to say they have none…

Between Alito’s nomination and his confirmation dozens of letters were sent to senate democrats and to every major news media outlet. To this day I haven’t received a single response or inquiry even though I made clear I was open to any and all…

Even though I expressly terminated their representation in June 2005, by which time the most serious allegations had already been made against them, Peter Rossi and Louis Natali - having made no effort to step down in the 5 months before my Writ of Certiorari Petition was due - filed an unauthorized petition in November 2005 which The Supreme Court denied without comment on February 18, 2006. Speaking on a program that aired on C-Span called American and the Courts - “Arguing Before The Supreme Court” - Alito said Certiorari is granted in cases with “conflicting opinions” : not here though, and they don’t get any more conflicting then his and the District Courts opinion in my case…

On May 10, 2006, more then 11 months after the most serious allegations were made against Peter Rossi and company - none of which they’ve denied - Mr. Rossi wrote Montgomery County Common Please Court Judge William T. Nicholes asking him to appoint new counsel because according to his letter neither he nor his firm could continue to “effectively” represent me “due to the very serious allegations” that were made against them…

On May 16, 2006 Judge Nicholes appointed Henry S. Hilles III - A republican and former prosecutor from the office that maliciously prosecuted me - and that’s when my otherwise routine and uneventful existence would become surreal…

Immediately upon learning of his appointment, on May 16, 2006, through a prison counselor who Mr. Hilles called to inform me he had just been appointed, I wrote Mr. Hilles an express mail letter saying, “If there is anything in your history like prior employment with the D.A.’s office, political affiliation, or lack of experience or resources that would keep you from representing me to your fullest… ultimately to my exoneration/vindications… tell whoever appointed you to appoint someone else” …

Three days later, on Saturday May 20, 2006, an overeager appearing Mr. Hilles drove over 300 miles to assure me even though he’s a former prosecutor from the office that maliciously prosecuted me and a registered Republican, he would follow my case wherever it leads him…

Less then a week later on Friday May 26, 2006, during what was supposed to be a status hearing in front of Judge William J. Furber, Mr. Hilles having had an obvious change of heart unethically called my competency into question…

The next day The Norristown Times Herald had me claiming, “The White House and Supreme Court Justices Set Me Up”, A claim so outrageous it could have only been scripted by those who would like to discredit me and turning to slander was the only way they could…

Another hearing was held on June 20, 2006 which - to the discontent of Judge Furber - allowed me the opportunity to get what I needed to get on the record and to make a oral motion for a change of appointed counsel which the judge said he would rule on after a finding of competency was made…

On October 5, 2006, despite material and demonstrated evidence to the contrary, Judge Furber declared me incompetent in a hearing that lasted less than 5 minutes: Accepting the nefarious report and recommendation of Dr. John S. O’Brien, who inexplicability recommended that I be drugged by force so that I may be made competent “to be able to assist” Henry Hilles, Judge Fuber ordered me transferred to the State Psychiatric Hospital Waymart for supposed “treatment” …. [Dr. O’Brien, it should be noted, is known to all to be pro-prosecution even in cases where he is hired by the defense and that is why I refused his attempts to evaluate me}

Not a single question was asked nor a single witness produced during any of these hearings to discredit me or to support Judge Furber’s ultimate finding, and that the transcripts will reveal all involved were intent on having me found incompetent despite material and demonstrated evidence to the contrary…

Held at the county jail from May 22, 2006 to October 19, 2006 it was obvious to all including the guards who were only following order that my rights were being systematically violated. From being denied law books to receiving my mail through the social worker while everyone else received theirs at mail call which was passed out by the guards; Dozens of letters were mailed to attorneys, politicians, and to individuals who, given their opposition to Bush administration policies, would be considered liberal - many by certified mail without a single response; worse yet, or rather more telling, although letters were sent to different law firms some return receipts came back signed by the same signature and I have them to prove it, while others return receipts from letters that were sent to unabashed liberal groups never came back at all… there’s more but I don’t want to loose you before I get to the most serious civil rights abuses….

After being informed of everything up to this point in a letter dated November 17, 2006 the Governor’s Chief Counsel Albert H. Masland advised me to “forward any future correspondence regarding this matter to your attorney”.

While very insulting I have little doubt my correspondence with Mr. Masland and a similar correspondence which would up on the internet site Death Row Speaks is what saved me from a terrible fate: I have a history of fighting when pushed to defend myself and Dr. O’Brien’s atrocious report recommending that I be drugged by force, and Judge Furbers order accepting it, leaves very little doubt that they planned to use my purported assaultive history and the Department of Corrections Lethal Force Policy to justify shutting me up forever and if that sounds implausible then what happens next is even more so, but first: my purported “assaultive history” came from having been forced to defend myself against attackers in prison…

Even though Judge Furber twice ordered me transferred to the maximum security State Psychiatric Hospital Waymart - first during the October 5, 2006 hearing then by a written order which he copied me and the Superintendents at Greene and Waymart on - somehow that order way mysterious changed on March 20, 2007 I was taken for what was supposed to be a 60 day stay at Norristown State Hospital: A minimum to medium security hospital it only has a single fence around it without any barb or razor wire, making it very easy to escape from, and you wouldn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out on arrival…

Upon entry I assured all hospital staff that I would not resist or put up any struggle should the on staff doctors order me drugged. At least a dozen security officers - all of whom became very friendly with me from the start - told me it was unprecedented for a state prisoner with my kind of sentence to be brought there: unlike my 24 hour confinement in state prison, where I am cuffed every time I am taken out of my small cell, at Norristown State Hospital they don’t have any locked doors on their large units and I was free to roam throughout the unit free of handcuffs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…

No one including the staff doctors, who after spending 10 minutes with me on the first day of arrival said they didn’t see any reason for me to be there, could understand why I was there…

After saving security staff member from a very large and assultive patient who nearly chocked him to death while a nurse stood frozen in panic, I learned an even more interesting fact from another security staff member who became very friendly with me: after looking me up on the internet he found me on the Government Serial Killer list - a discovery so implausible that if not for deliberate sabotage there is no other way to explain it and I would love to hear it’s source try…

On May 7, 2007, after evaluating me for 48 days, Staff Psychiatrist Dr. John Parker couldn’t have submitted a more glowing report. After hearing all the claims you just read about and reviewing all the records Dr. O’Brien reviewed, Dr. Parker’s report submits the following: “He was neat, clean, cooperative and showed no evidence of unusual beliefs, behavior or motor movements… Mr. Bronshtein is not prescribed medications, offers no psychiatric symptoms and displays no observable signs of functional psychiatric illness… Throughout his admission, Mr. Bronshtein has been cooperative, relevant and appropriate in behavior and social interaction: we never observed behavior suggestive of functional psychiatric impairment… In regards to competency, we lack compelling evidence to find Mr. Broshtein incompetent. “

After receiving a copy of this report I immediately filed a motion for change of appointed counsel, a copy of which was returned time stamped June 13, 2007 before another copy was returned time stamped July 6, 2007…

On July 13, 2007, after granting Henry Hilles an unnecessary delay, Judge Furber held a competency hearing. You would really have to read the transcript to appreciate how even more glowing then his report Dr. Parker’s testimony truly was: insisting he heard me giving sound legal advice to other patients, Dr. Parker testified I’m neither delusional, nor psychotic, as Henry Hilles and Dr. O’Brien maliciously suggested, and that I am competent to proceed - or to assist counsel - in my own defense…

Judge Furber, saying he wanted to review the transcript before rendering a decision, predictably accepted the unfounded opionion of Dr. O’Brien - who never evaluated me - and in an order dated August 17, 2007 found me incompetent once again and denied my motion for a change of counsel.

This isn’t the first time the court accepted the unfounded opinion of psychiatric experts… In April 1994 doctors testified that I have “paranoid tendencies” because of claims I was making of a police frame up: Philadelphia lead detective Thomas Augustine [in the Slobotkin case] and Montomery County detective Bruce Saville [in the Gutman case] have since been both found to have framed innocent suspects in separate but highly publicized cases…

People close to me and I personally have had very promising conversations with several attorneys over the last couple years, including one with an attorney who was supposed to come back with a contract after spending two hours discussing strategy at the county jail with me, only never to accept follow up calls or respond to a letter from me… but President Bush and Republican obstructionists in Congress would have that public believe he’s only monitoring terrorist phone calls.

This brings me back to my Epiphany… before hearing the oral arguments audio-tape and making the discovery that would later endanger my life, I had just about given up all hope when in an instant it all became clear to me: Everything I had been through up to that point, whether by divine design, or simply coincidence, readied me for the battle I realized would lie ahead and as I had always dreamed of making a difference in the world, I was instantly humbled by the realization that my suffering had not been in vain and that a Greater Good was meant to come out of my struggles…

Finally, for those who don’t believe in divine intervention, and I was one of you not too long ago, here’s something that may change your mind: While looking into Henry Hilles’ background, after discovering what a fraud is, I made a chance discovery that revealed who the middle man is between him and those who are pulling his strings and whoever takes this case will have no trouble tracing everything back to this individual whose identity will be revealed once somebody steps forward to help me go all the way with this.

With that said, I’m looking for an ethical attorney/kindred spirit who is determined as I am in their pursuit of Justice and together we will bring about a much needed justice that is sure to be Far Greater then my own… Righting history in the process.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who feels they can help and if you’re an ethical young attorney wishing to make a name for yourself this is the case for you. Anyone interested can reach me by writing:

Antuan T. Bronshtein
I.D. # BU-0261 SCI Greene
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA 15370
Antuan Bronshtein



MO: Shot male jewelers during holdups.

DISPOSITION: Life term on one count, 1992; condemned on second count, 1993.


Antuan Bronshtein


Antuan Bronshtein



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