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Louis "Lepke" BUCHALTER



Mob Boss Louis Buchalter Smiling in Hand Cuff

November 16, 1939 - New York, New York: Louis (Lepke) Buchalter, racket boss who
surrendered during an intensive manhunt several months ago, beamingly posed for
this picture as he recently visited the Federal Building in connection with the
setting of a date for his trial on 10 narcotic charges.



Louis Bulchalter Being Taken to Court

November 30, 1939 - Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, manacled to another Federal prisoner, enters
 a Marshall's van at the conclusion of the first day of his trial in Federal Court.

 Federal prosecutor charged that Buchalter's dope ring used attractive young women to
do the actual smuggling of narcotics.



Louis 'Lepke' Buchalter (1897-1944), leaving the Federal court in New York City in December
1939. The Murder, Inc. boss was convicted of narcotics conspiracy. Future convictions
for union racketeering and murder, resulted in his 1944 execution.
(Photo by Everett)



Defendants Charged with Murder in Court

August 4, 1941 - The four defendants who are charged with first degree murder in the killing
of a Brooklyn candy store proprietor as they appeared today in Kings County Court when
jurors were called for the trial.

L to R, Louis (Lepke) Buchalter, Emanuel (Mendy) Weiss, Philip (Little Farvel) Cohen,
and Louis Capone (no relation to Al) are seated at the opening of the trial.

One hundred fourteen talesmen, out of a blue-ribbon panel of 250 indicated they would
seek exemption from service on the jury. Leading to doubts as to whether the trial
can be held before September.



Louis Buchalter Heavily Guarded In Court

August 4, 1941 - New York: Heavily guarded, Louis (Lepke) Buchalter seated, left, went
on trial in Brooklyn County Court, with co-defendants Emanuel (Mandy) Weiss, Philip
(Little Farvel) Cohen, and Louis Capone, and charged with the shooting of Joseph
Rosen, anti-Lepke witness in 1936.

They are seated, left to right, in the order named. Behind them are some of a small
army of officers including court attendants and (light suit), a U.S. Marshall.



Louis Buchalter Sitting in Car En Route to Court

November 30, 1941 - Face drawn and a glassy stare in his eyes, Louis (Lepke) Buchalter, the one time
millionaire racket chief, seems to be trying to penetrate the curtain of the future, as he sits in a police
car, with a detective (R), after leaving Brooklyn County Court.

A half hour before he had heard the jury convict him of murder in the first degree, is seen this photo was
taken. Also sentenced with him were his two former pals, Emanuel (Mendy) Weiss and Louis Capone.
The death sentence is mandatory. The jury had deliberated four hours and twenty minutes.



Louis Lepke Buchalter and Lawyers Standing at Judge's Seat

December 3, 1941 - This is the scene in the Brooklyn court as Judge Taylor pronounced the death sentence
on Louis Lepke Buchalter, (2), Louis Capone, (3), and Mendy Weiss, (1).

Weiss was sentenced after Lepke and Capone was third man to hear the grim word that doomed him to the
electric chair during the week of January 4th. The three were sentenced for the murder of Joseph Rosen.



Louis Capone and Mendy Weiss en Route to Sing Sing

December 3, 1941 - Louis Capone, (L) and Mendy Weiss are shown manacled together
 in the train that sped them on their last ride "up the river" to Sing Sing Prison.

They are sentenced to die during the week of January 4, for the murder of Joseph Rosen.
Capone managed to generate a smile for the photographer, while Weiss cocked a
quizzical eye at camera. Sentenced with them was Louis "Lepke" Buchalter.



Louis Buchalter Guarded By Man With Machine Gun

July 20, 1943-Albany, NY: The death sentence was pronounced for the second time today upon Louis
("Lepke") Buchalter (Center, foreground), once powerful garment racketeer, and two of his gang,
Emmanuel ("Menoy") Weiss and Louis Capone.

They were condemned to die in the electric chair during the week of Sept. 15 by Chief Judge Lehman
in the Court of Appeals in Albany. Here, Buchalter is shown arriving by car from the NYC Federal
House of Detention to hear his death sentence in Albany.



Police Escorting Louis Buchalter

January 21, 1944 - Lepke-Death House. Ossining, New York: Lepke enters death house.
Sing sing's door swing open to receive the number one of Murder, Inc., short, stocky
Loui "Lepke" Buchalter, center of those nearest the doors.

Closely guarded and handcuffed, he mounts the prison step after an armed car ride
from the United States detention house, Manhattan. At the curb is the limousine
which convoyed the car in which Lepke took his last ride.







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