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Angelo BUONO Jr.



Angelo Buono



Angelo Buono



October 22, 1979 - Los Angeles, California- Angelo Buono, cousin of Kenneth Bianchi who earlier 10/22
pleaded guilty to five of the brutal "Hillside Strangler" murders, arrives at Los Angeles Criminal
Court Building 10/22 for arraignment.



Angelo Buono, left, the accused accomplice of confessed Hillside Strangler, Kenneth Bianchi, was arraigned in the Los Angeles Criminal Courts Building, where he pleaded innocen to 10 counts of murder and 14 counts which includeconspiracy, kidnapping and rape. During the brief hearing Buono only spoke twice, to answer "yes" in a barely audible voice that he understood the legal proceedings. Buono, Who arrived wearing a suit, and left in county prison garb, will be held without bail in Los Angeles County Jail, the same facility where his cousin Bianchi is being housed.



October 30, 1979 - Los Angeles, California: "Hillside strangler" Angelo Buono leaves Criminal Courts
Building 10/30 after he pleaded innocent at arraignment to a 25-count felony indictment
including 10 murders and a slate of sexual offenses.



Angelo Buono, Jr.'s home was in Glendale, Calif., from which he ran an upholstery business out of his garage. Buono was a street-tough sub-normal creature always trying to prove his manhood and authority. He reveled in being Italian and flew the Italian flag 24 hours a day from a flagpole on the grounds of his house. He was already parading prostitutes through his home by the time his cousin, Kenneth Bianchi, arrived to stay in his home. One night, as the cousins sat about getting drunk on beer, they speculated as to what it might be like to actually kill someone.They then started their mass murder spree.



Officers from the Glendale Police Department stand guard in front of the house and upholstery shop of hillside strangler suspect Angelo Buono while detectives from LAPD, Glendale, and LA County Sheriff
search the premises.



Angelo Buono locks the door of his Glendale residence after sheriff's deputies searched his home and
business at 703 East Colorado St. Buono is the cousin of Kenneth Bianchi, the Hillside Strangler.
Deputies spent several hours at the site and then sealed the residence until further notice.



Angelo Buono's empty chair in the courtroom of his murder trial in the Hillside
Strangler trial.
Jury box in the background.



Angelo Buono is led from courtroom during proceeding.



Judge Ronald George speaks during session in the Angelo Buono "Hillside Strangler"
murder trial in Los Angeles.



Angelo Buono and his defense attorney, Catherine Mader during proceedings.



Angelo Buono and his defense attorney, Catherine Mader, stare at the camera during proceedings.



Mary Forsberg worked with Kenneth Bianchi at the title company and carpooled with him,
appears on the witness stand at the Angelo Buono trial.



Angelo Buono defense attorney Gerald Chaleff cross-examines prosecution witness Sabra Hannan
during a session of the Angelo Buono "Hillside Strangler" murder trial in Los Angeles.



Judge Ronald George, center, listens as prosecutor Roger Boren questions prosecution witness Sabra
Hannan during session in the Angelo Buono "Hillside Strangler" murder trial in Los Angeles. Buono
sits at extreme right with his defense team. At left center is a model of Buono's Glendale home.



Unknow witness testifying in Hillside Strangler murder trial. He is pointing out
something in a photo which shows one of the victims at a murder scene.



Defense attorney Gerald Chaleff questions Kenneth Bianchi.



Defense attorney, Gerald Chaleff gestures to chart alledging comparison of Kenneth Bianchi's
behavior and statements in Bellingham, Washington and in Los Angeles. Judge Ronald
M. George listens at right.



Angelo Buono appeared in court on murder charges against him.



After Buono trial, prosecutor, Michael Nash rests in the courtroom.



Court clerk, Judi Leff, reads jurors' sentence of Angelo Buono, the man they convicted on nine
Hillside Strangler murders and said should be imprisoned for the rest of his life without possibility
of parole, instead of meeting death in the gas chamber. Their decision came after they had spent
more than two years in the jury box.



Angelo Buono appeared in court on Saturday, November 5, 1983 to hear the second
 guilty verdict against him.



Glendale upholsterer Angelo Buono was convicted of 9 of the Hillside Strangler murders
after the jury condemned him to life in prison without parole.



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