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William George BONIN




William George Bonin, who during 1979 and 1980 raped and killed at least 14 young men
in Los Angeles and Orange counties.



William George Bonin



William George Bonin



William George Bonin



"Freeway Killer" William George Bonin was sentenced to death for the sex killings of 12 young men
and boys in Los Angeles County in 1979-1980. He left their bodies often beside freeway ramps.
Photo date: September 21, 1989.



"Freeway Killer" William George Bonin, who had been accused of the murder of one boy, was charged on July 30, 1988, with an additional 13 counts of murder. A second suspect, Vernon Butts, was charged with being an accomplice in six of those killings. Police had been searching for a suspect responsible for the murders of 42 boys during an eight-year period. Other suspects eventually were picked up in connection with the murders, including James Munro.



"Freeway Killer" William George Bonin, charged in 14 murders on January 2, 1981.



"Freeway Killer" William George Bonin, following attorney William Charvet, walks into court
where he was sentenced to death on March 13, 1982.



Seven of the 14 victims killed by "Freeway Killer" William George Bonin during 1979 and 1980: #1--James Michael McCabe; #2--Marcus Grabs; #3--Donald Hyden; #4--David Murillo; #10--Charles Miranda; #11--James Michael McCabe; #12--Ronald Gatlin.



Nine of the 14 victims killed by "Freeway Killer" William George Bonin during 1979 and 1980: #13--Glen Norman Baker; #14--Russell Duane Rugh; #15--Steven Wood; #16--Darin Lee Kendrick; #17--Lawrence Eugene Sharp; #19--Stephen Jay Wells. The rest are unidentified.





Vernon Robert Butts

July 25, 1980: Vernon Butts (22) is arrested as accomplice in six of the “freeway murders”.

October 29, 1980: Vernon Butts is charged with the murders of Mark Shelton, Robert Wirostek
and Darin Lee Kendrick plus 17 felony counts including conspiracy, kidnapping,
robbery, sodomy, oral sex and sex perversion.

January 11, 1981: Vernon Butts succeeds in his 5th suicide attempt, hanging himself
 in his cell
at LA Co. Jail.



James Michael Munro

July 31, 1980: James Michael Munro (19) is arrested in Michigan for the murder of Stephen Wells.

James Michael Munro is believed to have aided Bonin in the murders of Dennis Franklin Fox
on November 30, 1979, and Steven Wells about half a year later on June 6, 1980.

Munro receives a 15-to-life sentence for his second-degree murder plea. He was eligible for parole in 2000,
but the parents of Steven Wells have made it a point to make sure he serves the maximum.



Gregory Matthew Miley

August 22, 1980: Gregory M. Miley is arrested in Texas for murdering Charles Miranda
and James McCabe, plus two counts of robbery and one count of sodomy.

October 29, 1980: Gregory M. Miley is charged with an Orange County murder
and seven related felony counts.

Gregory M. Miley is sentenced to a 25-to-life term for 1st Degree murder.



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