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Theodore Robert BUNDY




On October 2nd, 1975, Carol DaRonch along with Jean Graham and a friend of Debby Kent's were asked to view a line-up of seven men, one of whom was Bundy, at a Utah police station.

Investigators were not surprised when Carol DaRonch picked Ted from the line-up as the man who had attacked her. Jean Graham and a friend of Debby Kent's had also picked Ted from the line-up as the man they had seen wandering around the auditorium the night Debby Kent had disappeared.

Although Ted repeatedly professed his innocence, police were almost positive they had their man. Soon after he was picked out of the line-up, investigators launched a full-blown investigation into the man they knew as Theodore Robert Bundy.



Carol DaRonch



Ted Bundy, a former law student, conducted his own defence at his trial.



Theodore Robert Bundy faced three trials, all spaced within three years. His first trial date for the Chi Omega murders was set for February 22, 1978, in Miami, Florida. Three months later, he would go on trial for the attacks on the Chi Omega sorority sisters. It would be more than a year later on January 7, 1980, that Bundy would face his final trial for the murder of Kimberly Leach. However, it would be the trial for the Chi Omega murders that would seal his fate forever.



Bundy in his first Florida trial.
He was sentenced to death for the Chi Omega murders.



Ted Bundy



A forensic pathologist holds a plaster cast of Ted Bundy's teeth.

While on the stand, Dr. Souviron described the bite mark injuries found on Lisa Levy's body. As he spoke, the jury was shown full-scale photographs of the bite marks that had been taken the night of the murder. The doctor pointed out the uniqueness of the indentations left behind on the victim and compared them with full-scale pictures of Bundy's teeth. They matched perfectly.

There was no question that Bundy had made the bite marks on Lisa Levy's body. The photos would be the biggest piece of evidence the prosecution had linking Bundy to the crime.



Dr. Richard Souviron present evidence at Bundy's appeal trial



Ted Bundy studying evidence.



Ted Bundy



Ted Bundy



Bundy meeting in court with lawyers.



Ted Bundy



Ted Bundy when he was found guilty ...



Theodore Bundy pleading his case for life imprisonment before the jury Feb. 9, 1980, in the trial
for the slaying of Kimberly Leach. But the jury recommended he death penalty a short time later.



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