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Calvin L. CARNES Jr.




Boston police conferred outside a house on Bourneside Street in Dorchester where four people
were found fatally shot. (John Bohn/ Globe Staff)



A police officer left the investigation scene at Bourneside Street in Dorchester,
where four young men were killed. Police sought a car that may yield clues to the murders.
(George Rizer/ Globe Staff)



Calvin L. Carnes Jr. arrest.



Calvin Carnes mugshot



Calvin L. Carnes Jr.



Calvin Carnes Jr. (center), with lawyer Stephen Weymouth, at the defendant's 2006 arraignment
in the quadruple homicide. (George Rizer/globe staff/file 2006)



Relatives and friends of the four slain men listened May 22, 2006, to a prosecutorís
description of the killings. (George Rizer/ Globe Staff)



Calvin Carnes entering courtroom.



Calvin Carnes Jr. speaks with his attorney Shannon Frison during his murder trial
at Suffolk Superior Court (Photo by Angela Rowlings)



Calvin Carnes Jr. at trial



Robert Turner has already pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder
and was sentenced to 11 to 13 years in prison.



The victims


Edwin Duncan, 21.



Jihad Chankhour, 22.



Jason Bachiller, 21.



Christopher Vieira, 19.



Three founding Graveside members, Jelani Haynes (left), Jason Bachiller, and Edwin Duncan,
at Karma on Lansdowne Street. Bachiller and Duncan were among four killed last week.
Haynes was elsewhere that night.



Linford Duncan, at his Dorchester home, sat near newspaper clippings about the slaying of his son,
E.J. Duncan, and three other musicians in a basement recording studio. Duncan, however,
said that solving the case is "not going to bring him back."
(Boston Globe Photo / Christina Caturano)



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