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Esteban CARPIO



Esteban Carpio was led into court on April 18, 2005 wearing what officials described as a ‘‘spit shield’’
intended to protect others from blood and other fluids. Providence police say Carpio was injured
when he jumped out a window and in a struggle with police. Relatives allege police brutality.



Esteban Carpio, seen during one of his initial court appearances.
(Credit: AP Photo/Mary Murphy)



Esteban Carpio appears at the status conference on January 17, 2006 in Superior Court in Providence.
(Journal photo / Gretchen Ertl)



Esteban Carpio sits between his lawyers, Kirsten M. Wenge and Robert L. Sheketoff, as his trial
started this morning with opening statements from the defense and prosecution.
(Journal photo / Andy Dickerman)



Dr. Elizabeth Laposata, former state medical examiner, describes the path of a bullet that
entered the forehead of Detective Sgt. James L. Allen.
(Journal photo / Andrew Dickerman)



Providence police Detective Patricia Cornell, testifying during Esteban Carpio's murder trial on June 14,
2006, holds Detective Sgt. James Allen's gun and explains where she attempted to lift fingerprints.
(Journal photo / Kathy Borchers)



Christopher Zarrella, a state police detective who helped arrest Esteban Carpio, points
to Carpio during Carpio's murder trial on June 14, 2006 in Superior Court, Providence.
(Journal photo / Kathy Borchers)



Esteban Carpio
(Providence Journal photo)



Esteban Carpio reads a statement of apology at his sentencing on October 10, 2006.
(Journal photo / Kathy Borchers)



Esteban Carpio



The victim


Providence Police Detective James L. Allen was shot and killed by a suspect he was interviewing at the
Providence Public Safety Headquarters in Providence, R.I. Sunday, April 17, 2005. The shooting
suspect, Esteban Carpio, was being questioned in a third-floor conference room when he apparently
gained control of Allen's gun, shot him at close range and jumped out a window.
(Credit: AP Photo/Providence Police Dept., File)



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