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Hank Earl CARR



Hank Earl Carr



Tampa Police detectives Randy Bell, left, and Rick Childers, holding the assault rifle,
escort a handcuffed Hank Earl Carr, a suspect in the shooting of a 4-year-old boy.
Both detectives were later found shot to death.
(Jay Nolan/Tampa Tribune photo)



Officer Randy Bell, left, suspect Hank Carr and officer Rick Childers, far right, leave
the house after questioning. Carr shot Bell and Childers, then escaped.
[Times photo: Ken Helle]



Overall shot of standoff at SR 50 and I-75 in Hernando County.
(Tampa Tribune Photo from Bob Croslin on Eagle 8)



Law enforcement personnel gather on Florida Highway 50 just east of Interstate 75,
near the Shell station where Carr was holding a hostage.
[Times photo: Maurice Rivenbark]



S.W.A.T. team members converge outside the service station.
[Times photo: Toni L. Sandys]



Florida law enforcement personnel run with hostage Stephanie Kramer after
she was released by Hank Earl Carr. More than 170 enforcement officers
were at the scene.
[Times photo: Toni L. Sandys]



Tampa Police officers react to the shooting death of two of their collegues Tuesday
near the underpass of Floribraska and I-275.
(Photo by JOCK FISTICK/Tampa Tribune)



Law enforcement personnel rush through a gas haze into the Shell station where Hank Earl Carr
was found dead after going on a daylong shooting spree.
(Pool Photo)



Officials remove the body of Hank Earl Carr from the gas station in Brooksville late Tuesday after Carr allegedly killed his son, two Tampa detectives, and a state trooper before taking a hostage and holding out at this location. Officials stormed the station after the hostage was released and found Carr dead.
(AP Photo)



A Pasco County Sheriff's Office patrol car bears the marks of having pursued the truck driven by Hank Earl Carr Tuesday. Carr killed three police officers and fled through three counties before committing suicide during a standoff.
(Andy Jones/Tribune photo)



Handcuff key



Bernice Bowen stands in Hillsborough County Court on the day she was sentenced
for her part in Hank Earl Carr’s crimes. She was sentenced to 21 years.



The victims


Joey "Bubby" Bennett, 4
[Photo / AP]



Detective Rick Childers checks over one of the guns found at the Crenshaw
Street home, where the boy died. Childers later was slain by the fleeing
suspect, Hank Carr.
 [Times photo: Ken Helle]



Officer Randy Bell prepares to take suspect, initially identified as Joseph Bennett, into the house
at 709 E Crenshaw St. in Tampa. [Times photo: Ken Helle]



Rookie FHP trooper James Crooks was the son of a cattle farmer who fought hard
to overcome obstacles to join the force. [AP Florida photo]



A FHP trooper stands near the covered body of Trooper James B. Crooks, who was killed
by Carr during Tuesday's pursuit. [Times photo: John Pendygraft]



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