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John Norman COLLINS






A.K.A.: "Ypsilanti Ripper" - "Co-Ed Killer"
Classification: Serial killer?
Characteristics: Rape - Mutilation
Number of victims: 1 - 8
Date of murders: 1967 - 1969
Date of arrest: August 1969
Date of birth: June 17, 1947
Victims profile: Karen Sue Beineman, 18 / Mary Fleszar, 19 / Eileen Adams, 13 / Joan Schell, 20 / Maralynn Skelton, 16 / Dawn Basom, 13 / Alice Kalom, 23 / Roxie Phillips, 17
Method of murder: Beating - Stabbing - Shooting - Strangulation
Location: Washtenaw County, Michigan, USA
Status: Sentenced to life imprisonment (minimum 20 years) on August 19, 1970


Mary Fleszar

Age: 19 year-old
Disappeard: July 18, 1967
Found: August 7, 1967
Location: Near an old farmhouse in a field in Superior Township,
two miles north of Ypsilanti.

Found as a mass of rotting flesh.
Clothing found near the body was identified as belonging to Mary by her parents. The post mortem on her remains showed that she had been stabbed in a frenzied attack about 30 or 40 times.


Joan Schell

Age: 20 year-old
Disappeard: July 2, 1968
Found: July 7, 1968
Location: On an Ann Arbor construction site, in Ypsilanti

A pathologists report noted that Joan had been raped, and had been murdered in a frenzied attack with a knife. Intriguingly, it was noted that although she had been dead for a few days, the body had only lay where it had been discovered for less than 24 hours.


Maralynn Skelton

16 year-old
Disappeard: March 21, 1969
Found: March 25, 1969
Location: On an Ann Arbor construction site, in Ypsilanti.

Found by an Ann Arbor construction worker who tripped over an arm sticking out of a patch of weeds close to the spot where Joan Schellís body had been discovered.
The body lay in the typical rape position, a branch had been jammed into the vagina, and she had been severely beaten about the head and body.


Dawn Basom

13 year-old
Disappeard: April 14, 1969
Found: April 15, 1969
Location: Country road in Ypsilanti

Dawn Basom, was found at the side of a lonely country road in Ypsilanti. She was found half naked and had been raped and strangled with a black electrical flex, and had had her breasts almost cut off.


Alice Kalom

early twenties
Disappeard: June 8, 1969
Found: June 9, 1969

Found by 3 teenage boys who walked through a disused farmhouse.
She had been shot in the head, raped, stabbed repeatedly and had then had her throat cut.


Karen Sue Beineman

Age: 18 year-old
Disappeard: July 23, 1969
Found: July 27, 1969

She was found in a wooded gully by a doctor and his wife.
Karen had been raped, beaten and strangled. Her panties had been stuffed into her mouth.


More victims???

Roxie Phillips
Age: 17 year-old
Disappeard: June 30, 1969
Found: July 13, 1969
Location: In Pescadero Canyon just north of Carmel.

She was found by a pair of boys looking for fossils.
She was badly decomposed and nude, except for a pair of sandals and a red-and-white cotton belt wrapped tightly around her neck.


Name: Eileen Adams
Age: 13 year-old
Disappeard: kidnapped in December, 1967
Found: January, 1968
Location: South of Ypsilanti

She was raped, strangled with an electrical cord, and stuffed into a sack. Like another victim, her bra was tied around her neck. She was cruelly beaten with a hammer, and a three-inch nail was driven into her skull. Her stockings were arranged on her body, but her shoes were missing. There was evidence of sexual assault and her body was placed in plain sight.



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