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David Lauren CRESPI





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Parricide
Number of victims: 2
Date of murders: January 20, 2006
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: January 11, 1961
Victims profile: His twin daughters Samantha and Tessara, 5
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA
Status: Sentenced to two life terms in prison without the possibility of parole on July 29, 2006

David Crespi 9-1-1 Tape Released

The 9-1-1 call made by David Crespi just moments after killing his two twin daughters was unsealed and released on October 4, 2006.

In the tape, you can hear Crespi detail how he killed his 5-year-old girls, where in the house their bodies were located, and repeatedly telling operators that there was nothing to be done to save them.

(WARNING: Some people may find the contents of this transcript disturbing due to graphic content. Some contents have already been edited)

The following call took place January 20, 2006 12:37-12:52 p.m. with David Crespi:

Operator: 911 emergency do you need police, fire or medic?

Crespi:  Matthews

Operator:  Iím sorry. Do you need police?

Crespi:  Matthews

Operator:  Matthews police?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  OK, your cell phone is cutting in and out, but Iím going to transfer you.  Just a second.

Second Operator:  Police department.

Crespi:  Yeah.  I just killed my two daughters.

Operator:  You just what?

Crespi:  I just killed my two daughters.

Operator:  Where are you at sir?

Crespi:  Iím at 11233 Creek Point Drive.

Operator:  112

Crespi:  33 Creek Point Drive.

Operator:  Creek Side?

Crespi:  Creek Point.  11233 Creek Point Drive in Deerfield Creek.

Operator:  Deerfield Creek.

Crespi:  Yeah.

Third Operator:  Sir, tell me what happened.  OK.  How.  I mean, whatís going on right now?

Crespi:  I just freaked out.

Operator:  Are you on medication?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  Are they breathing or anything now?

Crespi: No

Operator:  What did you do to them?

Crespi:  I stabbed them.

Operator:  You stabbed them?

Crespi:  Yeah.

Operator:  OK.  How many times did you stab them?

Crespi:  I donít know.

Operator:  You donít know?  Is anybody else in the house with you?

Crespi:  No.

Operator:  No?

Crespi:  My wife just left.

Operator:  You wife just left?

Crespi:  Yeah.

Operator:  OK.  Can you talk to medic?

Crespi:  Uh, OK.

Operator:  Yeah, we got it.  Sir can you talk to medic?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  Please

Operator:  Whatís your name?

Crespi:  My name is David Crespi

Operator:  OKÖjust one second please

Phone rings for transfer

Fourth Operator:  What is the address of your emergency?

Crespi:  11233 Creek Point Drive.

Operator:  Can you repeat that so I can make sure Iíve got it correct?

Crespi:  11233 Creek Point Drive.

Operator:  And whatís the problem?  Tell me exactly what happened.

Crespi:  There are two dead girls.  I killed them.

Operator:  OK.  Whatís your phone number sir?

Crespi:  704-xxx-xxx is my cell.  Home phone 704-xxx-xxxx.

Operator to another operator:  Police on the line?  Answer, oh yeah.

Operator:  Sir whatís your cell phone number again in case we get disconnected?

Crespi:  Cell phone 704-xxx-xxxx.

Operator:  OK.  Can you tell me what happened?

Crespi:  Ah, I just lost it.  Ah.

Operator:  OK.  Are you with them now sir?

Crespi:  Theyíre dead.  Theyíre inside.

Operator:  OK

Crespi:  Iím in the garage

Operator:  OK

Crespi:  11233 Creek Point Drive.

Operator:  Iíve got that sir.  What happened?

Crespi: Ah, I donít know.

Operator:  You donít know?

Operator:  Who are these girls?

Crespi: Theyíre my daughters

Operator:  Your daughters?  OK.  How old are they?

Crespi: Five

Operator:  Theyíre twins?

Crespi: yeah

OK.  So weíve got help started.  Can you tell me what happened?  How did you kill them?

Crespi: With a knife

Operator:  And youíre sure theyíre deceased?

Crespi:  Yeah.  Yeah, theyíre dead.

Operator:  OK.

Operator:  Sir, did you have a fight with your wife?  Is this what happened?

Crespi:  No

Operator:  No?  You just couldnít handle it anymore?

Crespi:  Yeah.

Operator:  OK.  You said you were not on any kind of medication right?

Crespi:  Iím on aÖ.

Operator:  What kind of meds are you on sir?

Crespi:  Iím on (inaudible)

Operator:  Iím sorry?

Crespi:  Iím on antidepressants.

Operator:  Youíre on antidepressants?

Crespi:  Yeah.

Operator:  What kind?

Crespi:  Inaudible

Operator:  Huh?

Crespi:  Prozac and other kinds.

Operator:  Have you taken you medicine today?

Crespi:  I donít remember.

Operator:  You donít remember?  Have you taken anything today?

Crespi:  Ah, I donít remember.

Operator:  Keep talking to me because you sound a little bit tired and stuff and weíre wondering if you maybe took too much medication.

Crespi:  No, this is real.

Operator:  I know itís real.  Sir, weíre all, everybodyís on the way.  OK? Alright?

Operator:  Sir, are you home by yourself, I mean, with you and the girls?

Crespi:  Yeah.

Operator:  OK.

Crespi:  My two daughters.

Operator:  Are you sure that theyíre dead?

Crespi:  Theyíre dead.

Operator:  We canít try to do CPR or do anything to help them?

Crespi:  No, no I killed them.

Operator:  How many times do you think you stabbed them sir?

Crespi:  I donít know

Operator:  You donít know

Crespi:  No

Operator:  OK

Operator:  You said you wife left?

Crespi:  Just to get her hair cut

Operator:  Just to what?

Crespi:  To get her hair cut

Operator:  To go get her hair cut.

Operator:  Where is the knife that you used?

Crespi:  Lying beside the girls.

Operator:  Itís lying beside the girls?

Operator:  Where are you at in the house?

Crespi:  Iím outside.

Operator:  Youíre outside?

Crespi:  In the driveway.

Operator:  Youíre in the driveway?

Operator:  You donít have any other weapons do you?

Crespi:  No

Operator:  OK

Operator:  Can I get your first name?

Crespi:  David

Operator:  OK

Crespi:  Crespi

Operator:  Iím sorry, David what?

Crespi:  David Crespi

Operator:  Is there anybody we can get to help or try to do CPR?

Crespi:  Theyíre dead.

Operator:  How long ago did this happen?

Crespi:  15 minutes ago.

Operator:  Well there might be some time; we still might be able to help them.

Crespi:  Ö Theyíre dead.

Operator:  Ö children are real resilient we might be able to help them.

Crespi:  No I killed them.

(portion of tape edited for graphic content)

Operator:  Sir what do you have on?  What color shirt do you have on?

Crespi:  I have a green shirt.

Operator:  A green shirt?  OK.  And what color pants?


Operator:  OK, how old are you?

Crespi:  45

Operator:  45?  OK.

Operator:  And youíre still walking around in the driveway now?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  OK.

Operator:  Is there a way David we can get in touch with your wife?  Does she have a cell phone?

Crespi: Ah

Operator:  Where did she go get her hair cut at?

Crespi:  Ah, her cell phone is 704-xxx-xxxx

Operator:  Whatís her name?

Crespi:  Kim

Operator:  Kim?  Ok.  And you all didnít have a fight or anything?  She just left to go get her hair cut?

Crespi:  We didnít.

Operator:  OK.  Alright.  Whatís your last name sir?

Crespi:  Crespi C-R-E-S-P-I

Operator:  Crespit?

Crespi:  Crespi C-R-E-S-P-I

Operator:  OK.  Alright. Just hang on sir.  You should

Operator:  Do you hear anyone coming yet sir?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  OK.

Operator:  The paramedics are right around the corner, but theyíre not going to come in until police get there.  OK.

Crespi:  OK

Operator:  Theyíre going to wait on police.  Police are right around the corner staging.

Operator:  OK.  Sir I need you, youíre going to need to be calm when the police officers get there.  OK.  If youíd like to why donít you just sit down right in the driveway right where you are.  Just sit down on the ground.  Make sure that they can see your hands.  Make sure everything is visible.  OK.  You have no weapons on you right?

Crespi:  I have no weapons.

Operator:  No weapons on you?  OK

Operator:  Just hold on sir, weíre going to get some help for you.

Operator:  You still with me?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  OK

Crespi:  Iím still with you.

Operator:  OK

Crespi:  moans

Operator:  David, how long ago did your wife leave?

Crespi:  She left at 12:15

Operator:   At 12:15?

Operator:  Where did you say that the girls are at inside sir?

Crespi:  One is on the kitchen floor and one is in the master bathroom

Operator:  Oneís in the kitchen and oneís in the bathroom?  OK

Operator:  Is your house a one level or a two story?

Crespi:  Three

Operator:  Three stories?

Crespi:  Yeah.

Operator:  OK is the kitchen on the first floor?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  And the bathroom, where is the second girl at?  What bathroom?

Crespi:  Sheís on the second floor.

Operator:  On the second floor?

Crespi:  Yeah.

Operator:  OK.  Do you see any police officers yet sir?

Crespi:  No

Operator:   Sir?

Crespi:  No

Operator:   Not yet?

Operator:  How you feeling right now?

Crespi:  I cut my finger.

Operator:  You cut your finger?

Crespi:  Yes

Operator:  Did you do it on purpose or accidentally?

Crespi:  I think accidentally

Operator:  You havenít hurt yourself in any other way?

Crespi:  No

Operator:  Do you feel like you want to hurt yourself sir?

Crespi:  Moans

Operator:  I know you have talked to me thing long, ok

Operator:  David are you sure thereís nothing we can do to try and help the girls?

Crespi:  No, no, no, nothing you can do.

Operator:  Thereís nothing we can do for the girls?

Crespi:  No, no, no, no

Operator:  Youíre still sitting in the driveway right?

Crespi:  No

Operator:   Youíre walking?

Crespi:  (inaudible)

Operator:  What a minute.  Where are you walking at now?

Crespi:  To the driveway

Operator:  To the driveway?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  Where were you at?

Crespi:  Iím in the driveway.

Operator:  Youíre in the driveway.

Crespi:  In the garage.

Operator:  In the garage?  You want to go out of the garage and just sit down in the driveway?

Operator:  Can you sit down on the curb by your mailbox?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  Just come out of the garage OK?

Operator:  Sit out on the curb where they can see you.

Operator:  Thatís going to be better for everybody.  OK.

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  Are you walking outside now?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  Ok.  Youíre outside.  You can see the open air?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  You going to sit down in the driveway for us please?

Crespi:  I donít want to sit down.  I want to stand.

Operator:  You want to stand up?

Operator:  David it would probably be better if you sat down.  OK?

Crespi:  (inaudible)

Operator:  Sit down and put your hands out where they can see them.

Operator:  Yeah.  It will be less of a hostile move if you sit down.  OK?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  Thereís less chance of you getting hurt if you do that ok?

Operator:  How long have you been on your medication?

Crespi:  I donít know.  A week or so.

Operator:  Is it a new medicine?

Operator:  What kind of problems were you having for you to go on this medication?

Crespi:  Not sleeping

Operator:  Huh?

Crespi:  Not sleeping

Operator:  I canít hear you David.

Crespi:  Iím not sleeping

Operator:  Youíre not sleeping.  Is that what the problem was?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  And you were depressed?  OK

Operator:  Do you work?

Crespi:  Yeah, I work.

Operator:  Where do you work?

Crespi:  I work at Wachovia.

Operator:  Wachovia?

Crespi:  The cops are here

Operator:  The cops are there, OK sit right now.  Youíre going to sit on the ground for us please?

Crespi:  Yeah

Operator:  Youíre sitting down?  David?  David?



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