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Lloyd Maurice CROSBIE





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Sex with corpse
Number of victims: 2
Date of murders: August 18, 2001
Date of birth: 1972
Victims profile: His girifriend Melissa Maahs, 18, and her mother, Kay, 54
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Morwell, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
Status: Sentenced to life in prison (minimum 30 years) on March 11, 2003

Name: Lloyd Crosbie

Age: 22 yrs old

State: VIC- Morwell

Sentence: Sentenced in the Supreme Court on the 11-3-2003 to 2 life jail terms/ 30yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty in the Vic Supreme Court to 2 counts of murders on the 19-8-2002. Victims were an 18yr old girl (girlfriend) and a 53yr old woman (girlfriends mother). Crosbie was at the girlfriends house, lying next to her, when he started attacking her with a knife. The young woman was trying to escape through the house when the 53 yr old woman was confronted and also attacked with the knife, stabbed and bashed. After he killed his girlfriend he also sexually assaulted her. Described by psychiatrist as a “sexual sadist”.


"Horrific" Murder Of Mother, Daughter

Andra Jackson

AAP - August 20, 2002

A Morwell grandmother, 54, and her 18-year-old daughter had been chased through their home and had fought vigorously with their attacker before they were killed, police said yesterday.

Homicide detectives believe the women were murdered late last week but their bodies were not discovered until yesterday morning by a male relative.

Detective Inspector Brian Rix of the homocide squad last night described the scene at the Dayble Street house as horrific and said the women had suffered terrible injuries.

"There were signs of a struggle throughout the house," he said.

Police last night had not been able to establish what weapon had been used.

A son-in-law, married to another daughter, found the women at 10am when he went to the house after they missed a family event on Saturday and had not answered phone calls.

The women had lived together in the weatherboard house for some time and were well known in Morwell.

Their names were not released last night as police had been unable to contact some family members.

The older of the two women was separated from her husband who still lived in the Morwell area, police said.

Detective Inspector Rix said police were unable at this stage to establish a motive or verify if the women knew their killer.

It was too early to tell whether the house had been broken into or if robbery was involved, he said.

A forensic team was at the scene yesterday and the street was closed.

Some neighbors have said they heard a disturbance on Friday night.

Neighbour Kerry, said she knew both women and used to buy Avon products from the mother,who gave up the door-to-door sales jobs three weeks ago.

"She was a lovely woman, very quiet... It is such a shame, a waste," she said.

Judy, who lives nearby, said the deaths were "pretty scary".

Detective Inspector Rix last night appealed for anyone who might have any details on the women's last movements to contact police.


Sex Sadist Pleads Guilty to Murder Of Two Women

Steve Butcher

AAP - October 29, 2002

A sexual sadist with a lifelong history of getting pleasure from violence and cruelty pleaded guilty yesterday to the murder of his girifriend and her mother.

The Victorian Supreme Court was told that Lloyd Maurice Crosbie, 20, was "always fascinated with death and destruction" and had murdered the women in Morwell "for the sheer pleasure of killing".

Chief Crown prosecutor Bill Morgan-Payler, QC, told the court that Crosbie should be jailed for life for the protection of the community and because the crimes were so "heinous and grave". He said an aggravating feature of the murder of Melissa Joy Maahs, 18, was that after the killing, Crosbie "degraded and defiled" her body.

Crosbie failed yesterday to have Justice Murray Kellam suppress the fact that he had sex with Ms Maahs' body after he had killed her.

Giving sworn evidence in court, Crosbie said he would be killed in prison if that fact was published because it was a "simple fact of prison life... that no one is safe".

He said he was in a protection program because other prisoners could not tolerate his crimes. "I Would, be killed if, I was in mainstream."

Justice Kellam said Crosbie's concerns had to be balanced with 'the necessity for open courts and open justice.

In refusing the application, the judge said prison authorities had a "duty of care" to protect prisoners and it was not necessary to prohibit some details to afford such protection.

Mr Morgan-Payler said that without warning Crosbie began stabbing Ms Maahs with a skinning knife as she slept beside him about 3am on August 18 last year.

Mr Morgan-Payler said she woke and screamed and tried to defend herself before Crosbie attacked her mother, Kay Maahs, 54, as she approached. He then look turns in stabbing each woman.

The court was told that he then cut Mrs Maahs' throat before bashing her with two porcelain ornaments until they broke, a frying pan until it buckled, and then an iron.

Mr Morgan-Payler said Crosbie then fled to Wangaratta, where he was arrested two days later.

Defence lawyer Martin Amad said a psychiatrist found that although Crosbie was fit to plead and was not psychotic, he was a diagnosed sexual sadist and self- mutilaior who heard voices urging him to "hurt things".

Mr Amad said Crosbie and Ms Maahs were "quite a loving couple" and Crosbie had told police that she was "the only giri who ever loved me".

He urged Justice Kellam to fix a minimum term because Croshie had pleaded guilty, fully cooperated with police, lacked, major prior convictions and had had a sad and disturbed background.

Justice Kellam adjourned the case for a pre-sentence report to be obtained.


Sadist Gets Life For Frenzied Killings

Peter Gregory

AAP - December 3, 2003

A confessed double murderer, described by psychiatrists as a sexual sadist, yesterday smiled as he was jailed for life for killing his girlfriend and her mother.

Lloyd Maurice Crosbie, 20, grinned and nodded as Justice Murray Kellam concluded he received sexual excitement from murdering the two women in a sadistic way. The Supreme Court was told during his trial that when Crosbie believed his girlfriend was dead he sexually assaulted her corpse.

Crosbie, who had pleaded guilty to the murders, was set a 30-year minimum jail term. Justice Kellam said Melissa Maahs, 18, and her mother, Kay, 54, were stabbed repeatedly in a callous, brutal and frenzied attack at their Morwell home on August 18, 2001.

Crosbie had begun the attack by stabbing his girlfriend as she slept next to him in their bed. He then attacked Mrs Maahs before returning to her daughter.

At one point, Melissa Maahs screamed: "What are you doing?" Crosbie told police he replied, "I'm sorry, but I have to", before resuming the stabbing. Justice Kellam said Crosbie broke off the tip of a knife while attacking Melissa Maahs. He also smashed two ornaments over Kay Maahs's head, hit her with a frying pan and thrust a clothes iron into her face.

When he believed Ms Maahs was dead, Crosbie sexually assaulted her body, placing pornographic magazines over it, Justice Kellam said.

The judge said that a year earlier, when Crosbie was reported for smashing up his home, a policeman had said Crosbie was angry and disturbed. He appeared fixated with killing someone so he could be with his brothers. Crosbie had told doctors he missed his two brothers, who were in prison, and he wanted to kill people by slashing their throats or putting a knife in their temple.

Justice Kellam said one of Crosbie's older brothers was in jail for attempted murder and the other in a secure psychiatric facility after being found not guilty of murder because of mental impairment.

The judge said that during Crosbie's early adolescence, his brothers had introduced him to violent videos and torturing and killing animals.

He said Crosbie had had a home life described as disorganised and an environment of often frank neglect.

After the murders, Crosbie told one psychiatrist he had always been fascinated with death, destruction and sex. He said he heard voices before the murders warning him the two women were conspiring to trap him, but there were no voices on the night of the killings.

Outside court, Doug Maahs, Melissa Maahs's father and the estranged husband of Kay Maahs, said he believed Crosbie should have been shot, not jailed. He said he had no inkling Crosbie could commit such offences. "You never expect this," he said.



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