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On June 4, 1989, the bodies of Jo, Michelle and Christe
were found floating in Tampa Bay.



In their last hours alive, Jo Rogers and her two daughters took a series of snapshots.
One showed Michelle inside the motel room, sunburned and staring into the camera.



But it was the very last photo that would be the most haunting. Shot from the motel balcony, it caught the sunlight fading over Tampa Bay. The three women were about to leave to meet someone who had offered to take them for a boat ride on the bay.



COW KISS: A guernsey nuzzles Michelle during a quiet moment at the Van Wert County Fair.
She sometimes talked about staying on the farm and sometimes talked about getting away.




  Joan Rogers           Michelle Rogers           Christe Rogers




EARLY YEARS: From left to right, Michelle, 3, and Christe, 6 months. Michelle in eighth
grade and Christe in fifth. Christe celebrating her ninth birthday. Michelle, 4, wearing
her Mickey Mouse ears and holding Easter candy.




JO THROUGH THE YEARS: The grind of Jo's life took a tremendous toll. Somehow, though, she made the best of it. Here, from left, she is shown on her Confirmation Day, in eighth grade; in her high school senior photo; folding laundry on Mother's Day 1989, shortly before she and her daughters left for Florida.



Michelle in a newspaper ad her mother took out for her 16th birthday



Christe in her softball uniform, summer 1984



SNAPSHOT: This photo of Jeff Feasby, Michelle's boyfriend, was taken just before the trip
and was found on a roll of film recovered from the motel room in Tampa.



HUSBAND AND FATHER: Hal Rogers, shown here in a recent photo taken on the farm,
was determined to find his wife and children after they vanished.



LAST MESSAGE: Jo Rogers wrote this postcard to her husband after a stop at Silver Springs.
Hal received it a few days later, after his family had disappeared.



THE CAR: On the same day the bodies of the Rogers women were identified, their Oldsmobile Calais was found at a boat ramp on the Courtney Campbell Parkway. Stuck against the car's rear window was a toy cow, a reminder of the family's dairy farm.



THE BROTHER: John Rogers was sent to prison after pleading no contest
to raping a woman who shared his trailer with him.



DETECTIVE WORK: In the fall of 1989, St. Petersburg police detective Jim Kappel established a possible link between the Rogers murders and the rape of a Canadian tourist, two weeks before, on a boat off Madeira Beach. Now a school resource officer, Kappel is shown here at the dock where the Canadian woman left for the boat ride with her attacker.



IN THE SHADOWS: Jo Ann Steffey was sure the man who lived down the street from her Tampa home looked just like the suspect wanted by the police. But she did not know whether to report her hunch until the night she looked through her kitchen window and saw the man standing near the end of her driveway, staring in her direction.



THE FACE: This is the composite drawing, released in November 1989, of the man suspected
of raping the Canadian tourist and murdering the Rogers women.



ROOKIE: In 1970, when this police portrait was taken,
Glen Moore was a young patrol officer.



TEAMWORK: Detectives Larry Heim and Cindy Cummings joined the case in 1990
as the investigation moved in new directions.



NOTHING TO HIDE: Taking a break in the milking parlor, Hal Rogers scratches the ear of his dog, Gnat. When the detectives came to the farm in January 1991, determined to learn if he might be the killer, Hal looked them straight in the eye and calmly answered all of their questions.



BLANKET OF WHITE: At the snow-covered cemetery where Jo and Michelle and Christe were buried,
the detectives dug with their bare hands until they found the markers for the women's graves.



HIDDEN AGENDA: When he held his first press conference in May 1991, Sgt. Moore was not just
dispensing information on the Rogers case. He was delivering a message to the killer.



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