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Jeffrey Lionel DAHMER






A.K.A.: "The Milwaukee Cannibal"
Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Rape - Dismemberment - Necrophilia - Cannibalism
Number of victims: 17
Date of murder: 1978 - 1991
Date of arrest: July 22, 1991
Date of birth: May 21, 1960
Victims profile: Stephen Hicks, 19 / Steven Tuomi, 26 / James "Jamie" Doxtator, 14 / Richard Guerrero, 25 / Anthony Sears, 26 / Eddie Smith, 36 / Ricky Beeks, 27 / Ernest Miller, 22 / David Thomas, 23 / Curtis Straughter, 19 / Errol Lindsey, 19 / Tony Hughes, 31 / Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14 / Matt Turner, 20 / Jeremiah Weinberger, 23 / Oliver Lacy, 23 / Joseph Bradehoft, 25
Method of murder: Strangulation - Cutting his throat
Location: Ohio/Wisconsin, USA
Status: Pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Sentenced to 15 life terms, totaling 957 years in prison, in Wisconsin on February 15, 1992. Sentenced to life in prison in Ohio in May 1992. Murdered in jail by convicted murderer Christopher Scarver on November 28, 1994

Known victims



Name: Steven Hicks, 19.

Location: Bath Township. June 1978.
Method: He got him drunk then hit with a dumb-bell and finally strangled.
Disposal: After killing Steven he dismembered the body with a carving knife. He later pulverised the bones with a sledge hammer and scattered the bones around the property. The flesh was put into bags and buried in a crawlspace under the house. It wasn't until 3yrs later that police and forensics found the remains.



Name: Steven Tuomi, 24.

Location: Ambassador Hotel. November 21, 1987.
Method: Got victim drunk then smashed his chest in and attempted to rip out his heart.
Disposal: In a panic he rushed out to the nearest store and bought a large trunk where he placed the dismembered carcass. He then took the body back to his grandmothers house and put it in the basement where he could continue to cut it up. After doing so he put the remains into a plastic bag and threw it out with the garbage. No remains were ever found of Steven Tuomi.


Name: James "Jamie" Doxtator, 14.

Location: Dahmers grandmothers house. West Allis, South of Milwaukee. January 16, 1988.
Method: The victim was drugged then strangled. His flesh was removed from the bones with acid and the bones were once again pulverised. Disposal: Same as Steven Hicks.


Name: Richard Guerrero, 23.

Location: Dahmers grandmothers house. March 24, 1988.
Method: After having oral sex with the victim he gave Richard a drink laced with sleeping pills, he then strangled him.
Disposal: Dahmer dismembered the corpse and disposed of the remains in the garbage.


Name: Anthony Lee Sears, 26.

Location: Grandmothers house. March 25, 1989.
Method: Strangled him before dismembering the corpse. He cut off his head and genitals to keep as trophies, he then painted the skull rey.
Disposal: As previous victim.




Name: Raymond Lamont Smith, 33.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. May 20, 1990.
Method: Strangled the victim then engaged in oral sex with the cadaver. He then dismembered the body and removed the head, the skull was then painted grey and placed in his fridge.
Disposal: The bones were left in a tank of acid until all the bones were de-fleshed. he then placed the bones around his apartment as ornaments.


Name: Edward W. Smith, 27.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. June 14, 1990
Method: He was enticed into Dahmers lair where he was drugged, strangled then dismembered.
Disposal: The remains were placed in the acid to dissolve.



Name: Ernest Miller, 22.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street.
Method: Ernest Miller was lured into Dahmers apartment by the temptation of earning $50 to pose nude for the camera. He was then drugged then had his throat cut.
Disposal: Dahmer removed the flesh with acid, bleached th skeleton and kept it in his wardrobe, he also kept the victims bicepts and placed them in a freezer for later consumption.



Name: David Thomas, 23.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. September 24, 1990.
Method: Dahmer gave him a 'laced' drink containing sleeping pills.
Disposal: As previous.


Name: Curtis Straughter, 19.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. February 18, 1991.
Method: Drugged then strangled.
Disposal: His cadaver was dismembered and the bones crushed, the skull was kept and the rest was dumped into the garbage.



Name: Errol Lindsey, 19.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. April 7, 1991.
Method: Errol was tempted into Dahmers lair by being offered money to pose naked. He was then strangled.
Disposal: Dahmer had oral sex with the corpse before dismembering it. He kept the skull as a trophy.


Name: Anthony Hughs, 31.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. May 24, 1991.
Method: Tony was a deaf mute but was still tempted into Dahmers apartment by written request asking him to pose nude.Once inside Dahmer drugged him and then strangled him.
Disposal: After killing him he left the body lying around the apartment for a couple of days before the process of dismemberment was engaged. The corpse was left dissolving in acid, his skull was kept.


Name: Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. May 27, 1991.
Method: Konerak was drugged and experimented on before he was strangled. The experiments were to drill a hole into the back the cranium and injecting hydrochloric acid into the frontal lobes of the brain, while he was still alive. Such experiments were to create a 'zombie' in order to be in complete control of his victim.
Disposal: The body was dismembered and stored in the acid.



Name: Matt Turner, 20.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. June 30, 1991.
Method: As with most other victims he was lured into Dahmers chambers were he was drugged and strangled.
Disposal: The body was dismembered and left lying around his apartment.


Name: Jeremiah "Jeremy" Weinberger, 23.

Loacation: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. July 7, 1991.
Method: Not much unlike Konerak except he had boiling water injected into his head and left alive in a comerized state for two days. He was later strangled.
Disposal: The cadaver was dismembered and stored in acid.


Name: Oliver Lacy, 23.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. July 15, 1991.
Method: As with most of his victims he was drugged and strangled.
Disposal: During dismemberment Dahmer would sodomize the corpse before being 'stored'. His heart was kept in the fridge.


Name: Joseph Bradehoft, 25.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. July 19, 1991.
Method: Joseph was lured into the apatment by being offered money to pose nude. He was then drugged and then strangled.
Disposal: The corpse was again dismembered but not completely the head and torso were kept in his apartment.


Victims that got away

Name: Keison Sinthasomphone, 13:

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street.

Just 24 hours after moving into his new apartment at North 24th Street, Dahmer was in trouble with police. He had conned a Laotian boy, Keison Sinthasomphone, 13, into coming up to his apartment. Once there Dahmer drugged and molested him, but the boy escaped.

He reported the incident to the police and Dahmer was charged with sexual assault and enticing a child for immoral purposes. He spent one week in jail before getting released on bail. On January 30, 1990 Dahmer was found guilty, but sentencing wouldn’t take place for another four months.


Name: Tracy Edwards, 32.

Location: 213 Oxford Apartments, North 25th street. July 22, 1991.

Tracy was tempted into 213' by Dahmer where he was given a 'cocktail' to make him drowsy. Dahmer then tried to make sexual advances towards him, Tracy started to struggle when Dahmer slipped some handcuffs onto his right arm. As Dahmer went for a knife Tracy made a run for the unlocked door, Dahmer tried to haul him back inside when a brawl started and Dahmer was hit hard on side of his head knocking him to the floor. Tracy had escaped and ran into the street where he flagged down a patrol car. The cops were then led into Dahmers chamber of horrors, what the cops saw would linger in their minds for the rest of their lives.

Photos of various states of dismemberment, a severed head lying on the floor, the fridge had 3 bags containing a heart, flesh and a portion of muscle. A freezer contained 3 heads, a human torso, a bag containing flesh and some internal organs. The cupboard contained various chemicals and 2 bleached skulls. On the floor there was a large kettle holding 2 hands, a penis and testicles. There was 3 more skulls found in a filing cabinet. A wardrobe contained a complete skeleton, dried human scalp and more genitals.In a box there was 2 more skulls, next to the box there was a 260litre vat containing acid, police found 3 human torso's in various stages of decomposition.


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