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Timothy DAWSON



Timothy Dawson



Timothy Dawson



Timothy Dawson



An image from the police interrogation of Timothy Dawson



Tim Dawson, center, was in Rockford District Court on Thursday morning for arraignment
on charges that he killed his wife, Julia Dawson, in 2004. January 30, 2008



From left, defense attorneys Charles Rominger and Judy Bregman with defendant Timothy Dawson.
March 23, 2008.



Tim Dawson speaks to his attorney at an court appearance.





Timothy Dawson at trial.



Timothy Dawson at trial.



Timothy Dawson listens to opening arguments in the Kent County Courthouse.
October 15, 2008.



During a trial in the Kent County Courthouse, Louis Lincoln describes to the jury how he found
the body of Julia Dawson on the other side of a guardrail along Pierson Road in
Montcalm County in January 2005, after walking past the area several times.



Tamara Keenan testified that her daughter told her to
"Get my room ready, because I'm coming home."



Assistant State Attorney General William Rollstin questions convicted murderer
Marvin Snyder during Timothy Dawson's murder trial.



Kent County Sheriff's Department crime scene specialist Dawn TenBrink explains to defense
attorney Charles Rominger why she didn't examine Julia Dawson's purse for fingerprints.
October 23, 2008.



Timothy Dawson at trial



Timothy Dawson listen the verdict.



Timothy Dawson listen the verdict.



Timothy Dawson



Julia Dawson's brother Patrick Keenan, left; mother, Tamara Keenan, center; and father,
Kevin Keenan, smile at the jury as they leave the courtroom after convicting Timothy
Dawson of first degree murder in the death of Julia Dawson. November 5, 2008.



Timothy Dawson at sentencing hearing.



The victim


Julia Dawson, 23.



Julia Dawson, 23, was bludgeoned and strangled in December 2004.



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