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Classification: Homicide
Characteristics: Rape - Accident?
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: January 30, 1889
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: 1830
Victim profile: Juliette Deitsh, 12
Method of murder: Poisoning (overdose of chloroform)
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Status: Executed by hanging on May 12, 1892

Dr Etienne Deschamps had been having an affair with a 12 year old girl called Juliette Deitsh for quite some time and it was usual for him to use chloroform. Chloroform on her before making love to her. It may well have been that he became worried that she was going to tell someone what had been going on so killed her to keep her quiet. 


Deschamps, Dr. Etienne

This was the very sad case one man trusting another man wrongly. Dr Etienne Deschamps had been born in France and had studied to become a dentist and was practising in New Orleans.

Deschamps maintained that he had powers of the occult and told a friend of his that he was close to being able to use these powers to identify the whereabouts of some lost treasure. All he needed was a 12 year old virgin. His friend, Jules Deitsch agreed to allow his own 12 year old daughter, Juliette to help him.

Over a period of six months the girl attended these sessions where she would be hypnotised. What in fact happened was that he would use chlorform to induce unconciousness and then sexually assault her. All went well until Juliettes younger sister discovered what was happening and told her father.

Unfortunately for Juliette it was too late and when her father went to confront Deschamps he found his 12 year old daughter naked and dead from an overdose of Chloroform. Deschamps was arrested and tried in May 1889 and found guilty. He fought the sentence of death and won two short reprieves but on 12 May 1892 he was finally hanged.



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