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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Poisoner - Parricide
Number of victims: 3
Date of murders: January 28, 1905
Date of arrest: April 13, 1905
Date of birth: 1881
Victims profile: His wife Beatrice, 24, and their 2-years-old twins
Method of murder: Poisoning (morphine and chloroform)
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Status: Executed by hanging at Pentonville prison on August 15, 1905

Arthur Devereux was a 24 year-old chemist's assistant. He and his wife Beatrice found it difficult to manage on his low wages, especially after the birth of a son. Then Beatrice became pregnant again, and this time she gave birth to twins.

Undernourished, and unable to cope, Arthur persuaded his wife to drink poison and give some to the twins, telling her it was cough medicine. He placed the bodies in a trunk, and moved to a new address, taking his son. Beatrice's mother, disturbed at her daughter's disappearance, was not to be put off by Arthur's excuses. She traced the trunk to a warehouse, and ordered it to be opened.

Devereux's explanation was that his wife had killed herself and the twins, and that he had panicked and concealed the bodies. Would he have got away with it? We shall never know, because there was one other vital piece of evidence. Devereux had applied for a job before his wife's death, and on that application he had described himself as a widower. He was hanged in August 1905.


Financial Desperation - Arthur Devereux

Arthur Devereux killed his wife and twin children because he could not afford to keep them on his megre wages. It was a particularly callous murder and made worse by the fact that it was carefully planned. Devereux worked as a chemists assistant. While it wasn't a bad job it was not very well paid. In 1896 Devereux met and married Beatrice and they were very happy for a time and then Beatrice became pregnant. Arthur was happy to be a father but it did make things very difficult on his low wages, still he was sure they would cope somehow. Beatrice became pregnant again and as if that was not bad enough this time she produced twins. This threw the family into a state of poverty and piled pressure onto Arthur.

In 1905 he purposely went out and purchased a large trunk and some Morphine and Chloroform. He persuaded his wife to drink the drug and then gave it to the children telling them it was a cough medicine. He only gave it to the twins. Once they were dead he put their bodies in the trunk and then sealed it. It was then taken to a warehouse in Harrow.

Once this had been done he then moved with his son to a new address. His mother in law tried on several occasions to contact her daughter and he kept making excuses. After a while these excuses made less and less sense until she was very suspicious. She somehow found out about the furniture van calling at the house and managed to trace the company. When she discovered that it had removed a large trunk from the house and taken it into storage she ordered it to be opened. Her hunch had unfortunately been right and the decomposed bodies of her daughter and two grandchildren were discovered.

Devereux was arrested and charged. Devereux's defence was that his wife had been depressed and killed herself after first killing the twins. He had found the bodies and panicked, buying the trunk to conceal them. It was a weak story made all the less believable by the fact that before her death he had applied for a job describing himself as a widower. He was hanged at Pentonville prison on the 15 August 1905.



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