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Paul Gilbert DEVOE III





Classification: Spree killer
Characteristics: Fit of rage
Number of victims: 6
Date of murders: August 24/25, 2007
Date of arrest: August 27, 2007
Date of birth: August 31, 1963
Victims profile: Michael Allred, 41 / Paula Griffith, 46; Jay Feltner, 48; Haylie Faulkner, 15, and Danielle Hensley, 17 / Betty Jane Dehart, 81
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Texas/Pennsylvania, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on October 8, 2009





Affiant is a Licensed Texas Peace Officer assigned as a Detective to the Major Crimes Unit of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

On 08/26/2007 at approximately 12:46 pm, Jonestown Police Department Officer Y. Gunnlaughsson responded to 8903 Hobby Lane, Jonestown, Travis County, Texas in an attempt to locate a missing person;           

                                               Hensley, Danielle W/F DOB 01/30/1990

Officer Gunnlaughsson was advised that the father of Hensley;

                                               Gribble, Darrell W/M DOB 07/17/1964

had gone to look for his daughter at 8903 Hobby Lane, Jonestown, Texas, the last place she was known to be staying. He did not locate his daughter or anyone else. While at the residence, Gribble told Travis County Dispatchers that a vehicle was at the residence. Gribble described the vehicle as;

                                               Blue Dodge pickup truck

Gribble had knowledge, from earlier media reports, that the vehicle matched the description of a vehicle that was involved in a Murder in Marble Falls, Texas on 08/24/2007. According to Marble Falls Police Department the suspect in the Murder;

                                               Devoe, Paul Gilbert W/M DOB 08/31/1963  

had fled the scene of the Murder, in Marble Falls, in a;

                                        2000 Blue Dodge pickup truck Texas License Plate 21X-ZJ5

Officer Gunnlaughsson arrived on scene and located the Blue Dodge pickup truck TxLP 21X-ZJ5. Officer Gunnlaughsson conducted a Texas License Plate check of the a Blue Dodge pickup truck through the Department of Public Safety Texas License Plate database and found the vehicle was linked to Devoe through the Marble Falls Police Department Murder Warrant. Officer Gunnlaughsson knocked at the residence door and got no answer. Travis County Sheriff's Office Deputies arrived on scene to assist Officer Gunnlaughsson.

Travis County Sheriff’s Major Crimes Detective S. Crowe #1101 conducted a search of the Travis County Tax Appraisal Website and learned that the residence belonged to;

                                               Griffith, Paula W/F DOB 01/08/1961

Deputies on scene were informed by Gribble that Griffith, Griffith’s 15 year old daughter, his 17 year old daughter and Griffith’s boyfriend;

                                               Feltner, Jay W/M DOB 10/08/1958

had planned on going to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio for a one day trip, leaving on the morning of 08/25/2007 and returning that evening. Gribble had not heard from his daughter since the evening of 08/24/2007. Gribble stated it was unlike his daughter to not answer her cell phone or make contact with him for such a length of time. The Deputies further learned that Griffith’s vehicle;

                                   2001 White Saturn Station Wagon Texas License Plate Y43-ZWV

was missing from the residence. Deputies attempted to make cell phone contact with Griffith, Hensley and Griffith’s daughter but could not.

Detective S. Crowe learned from Marble Falls Police Department Captain J. Goodwin that a witness to the Murder in Marble Falls on 08/24/2007;

                                               Purcell, Glenda W/F DOB 09/16/1962

observed Devoe enter the Blue Dodge pickup truck and flee from the Murder scene. Purcell is an ex-girlfriend of Devoe and the intended target of his rage the night of the 24th. Captain Goodwin further advised he had been informed by the registered owner of the Blue Dodge pickup truck;

                                               Wilson, Sharon W/F (NOI)

that Devoe, an acquaintance of Sharon Wilson, had stolen the vehicle from her residence on 08/24/2007 after she had found Devoe stealing a credit card from her purse. Devoe used a handgun to shoot at her and she had to flee the residence on foot.

Detective S. Crowe learned from Travis County Intelligence Deputy W. Samson #807 that on 08/26/2007 he spoke with Department of Public Safety Texas Ranger J. Gordon. Deputy Samson learned that Texas Ranger Gordon was with Wilson. He requested Texas Ranger Gordon show Wilson a Burnet County Booking photograph of Devoe. Deputy Samson was informed that Wilson looked at the photograph and stated that the photograph was that of  the person she knew as Paul Devoe.

Travis County Major Crimes Sergeant S. Roper #558 arrived on scene and determined, based on the above stated facts, that exigent circumstances surrounding the inability to make contact with the four persons required entry into the residence to aid in determining their whereabouts and safety.

Detective S. Crowe learned that Travis County Deputies made entry into the residence and discovered Griffith was located in the downstairs living area on the carpeted floor and had died from an apparent gunshot wound. Griffith’s 15 year daughter was located against a bar on the downstairs living room floor and also appeared to have died from a gunshot wound. Hensley was located on the downstairs living room couch and also appeared to have died from an apparent gunshot wound. Feltner was located, seated at the dining room table, and appeared to have died from an apparent gunshot wound.

Major Crimes Detective C. Smith #978 informed Detective S. Crowe that during the entry into the residence he observed a spent shell casing from a handgun on the linoleum floor, which separates the dining room floor and kitchen floor. Detective Smith stated that the spent casing was a .380 caliber. Detective Smith further stated that he learned from Marble Falls Captain Goodwin that Devoe had used a .380 caliber handgun during the commission of the Murder he was suspected of committing in Marble Falls, Texas.

Detective S. Crowe met with Travis County District Judge (District Court #167) Lynch, who reviewed and issued a Search Warrant for the above stated address.

Detective S. Crowe traveled to the scene and met with Detective Smith. Detective Smith informed Detective Crowe that on 08/25/2007 Devoe contacted an associate, by phone, who is working as a confidential informant (CI) for Marble Falls Police Department. The CI had been providing accurate information in regard to their case. Devoe informed the CI, “I’ve killed 6 people and I am getting the fuck out of here.”   

Detective Smith further learned that on or about 08/25/2007 Devoe used Wilson’s credit card at a gas station on I.H. 35, in Round Rock, Texas. On 08/26/2007 Wilson arrived at the Marble Falls Police Department with some of Devoe’s personal affects from her residence. Included in the items she brought was a photocopy of Griffith’s Texas Drivers License, which included the 8903 Hobby Lane, Jonestown, Texas address.

Detective S. Crowe met with Travis County Intelligence Deputy B. Wright #1712. Deputy Wright informed Detective S. Crowe that he was notified by Investigators from the United States Marshall’s Office that they were in contact with Devoe’s mother in the state of New York. The U.S. Marshall Investigator’s stated that Devoe’s mother had received a cellular phone call from Devoe. The phone call was made from a cell phone number that returned to the decedent, Jay Feltner. Devoe informed his mother, “I’ve killed 5 people.”

Detective S. Crowe learned from Major Crimes Detective J. Goerner #846 that during an interview with Griffith’s ex-common-law husband;

                                               Faulkner, Larry 9-21-1959              

Faulkner noted that Devoe dated Griffith for about three months, two years ago.

During the execution of the Search Warrant Travis County Crime Scene Technicians recovered the following items. One bullet from the couch which contained the body of the decedent, Hensley. One bullet fragment, located on the kitchen floor. One bullet fragment located outside the residence, adjacent to the north facing wall. It appeared that this expended round had passed through the body of the decedent Hensley, through the couch and then exited the residence through the wall. Six expended shell casings from a .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun. Detective Smith informed Detective S. Crowe that the bullet that was retrieved from the couch appeared to be a jacketed hollow point bullet. 

On 08/27/2007 Detective S. Crowe attended the autopsies of all four decedents. The autopsies were performed by Travis County Medical Examiners Doctor Wilkerson and Doctor Kohlmeier. Doctor Wilkerson recovered one bullet fragment from the body of the decedent Feltner and one bullet fragment from the decedent Griffith.

Doctor Kohlmeier recovered one bullet fragment from the body of the 15 year old juvenile decedent. Doctor Kohlmeier also performed the autopsy on decedent Hensley. Doctor Kolhmeier informed Detective S. Crowe that Hensley had received approximately 3 gunshot wounds. All 3 of the gunshot wounds had signs of entry and exit wounds.

Detective S. Crowe observed that all 3 recovered bullet fragments appeared similar to those recovered at the scene. Detective S. Crowe informed Doctor Wilkerson of this fact and Doctor Wilkerson noted that they also appeared similar to the bullet recovered during the autopsy of the decedent in the Marble Falls Police Department Murder. Doctor Wilkerson stated the bullet was a jacketed hollow point.

Both Doctor Wilkerson and Doctor Kolhmeier concluded that all four decedents died of gunshot wounds.

Detective S. Crowe was notified that Devoe had been located at;

                                               142 River Road, Shirley, New York

After a brief standoff Devoe was arrested. Detective Smith informed Detective S. Crowe that Devoe was in possession of a handgun;

                                               Silver .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun

Detective S. Crowe conducted a Computerized Criminal History of Devoe and learned that Devoe had been arrested in Texas for Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon, Burglary of Habitation and Credit Card Abuse. Devoe also had previous arrests in New York for Assault with Injury, Resisting Arrest and Burglary.

Detective S. Crowe believes based on the facts stated above that Devoe entered the residence of Griffith and intentionally and knowing shot and killed Paula Griffith. Detective S. Crowe found no sign of forced entry into the residence and the residence was locked when Deputies arrived on scene.




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