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John Herbert DILLINGER



Dillinger was shot and killed by FBI agents on July 22, 1934 at the Biograph Theater on Lincoln Avenue in
Chicago after receiving a tip from Dillinger's friend Anna Sage. Sage, known as the "Woman in Red," told
authorities that she, Dillinger, and Dillinger's girlfriend Polly Hamilton Keele would be at the movies and
to look for her dressed in red. Some reports say Sage was actually dressed in orange.
(Chicago Tribune historical photo)



In this July 21, 1934 file photo, people pose in front of the Biograph Theater at Lincoln and Fullerton Streets
as one woman displays the newspaper headline "Dillinger Slain" in Chicago, Illinois. (AP)



A daylight view of the scene of the killing of John Dillinger in Chicago. He had attended a movie in the theatre
at the left when Federal agents closed in on him. They had him surrounded when he reached the alley and
shot and killed him when he attempted to draw a gun.



People stand around the blood stain from John H. Dillinger in the alley behind the Biograph Theater in Chicago.
(Chicago Tribune historical photo)



John Dillinger body lies in a police patrol wagon.



(Original Caption) Chicago. Dillinger's End!!! They had to kill John Dillinger to get him. Here he lies in a police
patrol wagon after three bullets, fired by Federal operatives, had ripped through his body, as he left a dime
movie-house. Two pierced his heart accounting for the huge blood splotch on his left breast. One coursed
downward and came out through his eye, after penetrating the top of his head. The man who had robbed
banks of hundreds of thousands of dollars is attired in a chap flannel shirt, bargain counter wash tie, and
a cheap grade of flannel trousers. The disguise glasses have fallen from his nose. His face had been
altered by surgery. His hair is dyed.



Morgue photograph of John Dillinger.



Morgue photograph of John Dillinger.



Morgue photograph of John Dillinger.



Morgue photograph of John Dillinger.
(Photo by George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images)



Morgue photograph of John Dillinger.



Chicago, Illinois: Crowds of the curious gather and stare at the body of John Dillinger, as it lay on a rubber
stretcher (laid flat) in the country morgue following his slaying by Department of Justice men on July 22nd.
A man is seen examining Dillinger's head area.



(Original Caption) Chicago, Illinois: The nation's public enemy No. 1 on a slab in the county morgue in Chicago,
surrounded by policemen and coroner's assistants, after he had been slain by federal agents and police outside
a Chicago movie house. John Dillinger's death preceded a drive by government agents which has thus far
resulted in the deaths of Baby Face Nelson, 'Pretty Boy' Floyd and other desperados.



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