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John Eleuthère Du PONT



John E. du Pont


Chemical heir John du Pont, wearing a warm-up suit from Team Foxcatcher,
the private wrestling club he funds at his estate. (January 1, 1996)



John DuPont shows part of his collection of marine shells.



John E. du Pont, 28, displaying some of his 5,000 stuffed bird collection, at home.



John E. du Pont, 28, scion of one of the world's largest fortunes & aspiring US Olympic
pentathlete, crossing stream during 4-mile run in woods on his farm. (August 1967).



John E. du Pont, 28, practicing the pistol shooting part of the sport.



John E. du Pont practicing swimming in indoor racing pool on his farm.



John E. du Pont practicing for the equestrian part of the sport on his farm.



After the shooting, the multimillionaire locked himself in his mansion for two days while he
negotiated with police on the telephone. Police turned off his power and were able to
capture him when he went outside to fix his heater.



On February 25, 1997, a jury found DuPont guilty of third degree murder but mentally ill.



Expert psychiatric testimony described duPont as a paranoid schizophrenic
who believed Schultz was part of an international conspiracy to kill him.



Experts at the trial testified that duPont suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.



DuPont was sentenced to 13 to 30 years incarceration and is currently housed at the State
Correctional Institute-Mercer, a minimum-security institution in the Pennsylvania prison system.





The victim


Olympic gold medalist wrestler David Schultz



On 26 January 1996 John DuPont shot dead Olympic gold medalist wrestler David Schultz
at the wrestling facility of du Pont's Team Foxcatcher, without apparent provocation
 and with Schultz's wife among several witnesses.



Schultz was a longtime friend of duPont who had repeatedly tried to help him.



Dave Schultz in action.



Dave Schultz and your brother Mark.



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