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A.K.A.: "Metal Fang"
Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Schizophrenia - Cannibalism - Necrophilia - Hated women
Number of victims: 9 +
Date of murders: 1979 - 1980
Date of arrest: December 19, 1980
Date of birth: November 15, 1952
Victims profile: Women
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Kazakhstan, URSS
Status: Declared insane. Committed to a Tashkent mental institution on December 3, 1981

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Nikolai Dzhumagaliev (Russian: Николай Джумагалиев, born 1952), a serial killer operating in 1980, known as Metal Fang (for his unusual false teeth made from white metal) in the Soviet Union republic of Kazakhstan. A cannibal, he would often kill his women victims with an axe, carve the meat and serve it to his friends at dinners.

He was eventually caught when friends whom he had invited to his house for "snacks" found a human head and intestines in his fridge. They immediately reported him to the authorities and Nikolai was arrested.

The total number of his victims is not known, although he was charged with a total of seven murders. Some sources put the total number of victims at 50 - 100. Found to be insane, he was sentenced to a psychiatric hospital in Tashkent, which he escaped from in 1989 while being transported to another facility. He was caught in 1991 in Fergana.


Nikolai Dzhumagaliev (1952, Cyrillic: Николай Джумагалиев) is a Kazakhstani serial killer. Nikolai Dzhurmongaliev made it his mission to rid the world of prostitutes and killed seven women before he was caught. Also known as "Metal Fang" for his white metal teeth, he would lure women into the dark end of a local park, where he would rape them and hack them to death with an axe.

He also practiced cannibalism; he cooked certain parts of his victims, eating some and even serving the rest to friends of his at get-togethers. He made a habit of preparing ethnic dishes out of his victims and serving them to his friends. His crimes were discovered when two drunks, whom he invited over to his house, discovered a woman's severed head in the kitchen.

He was found not responsible for his murders (which are believed to be at least seven) due to insanity, and he was committed to a Tashkent mental institution.

He escaped in 1989 while being transported to another facility. He was re-captured in 1991 in Fergana. Dzhumagaliev is now jailed in the asylum.



During the heat of the Cold War in 1980, while the U.S. was boycotting the Olympic Games in Moscow, the Soviet region of Kazakhstan experienced a rash of murders that terrorized it's inhabitants.

A man named Nikolai Dzhumangaliev, who had already spent a year in jail for manslaughter in the late 1970's, began working as a laborer at a nearby site in Alma-Ata.

He was considered by all who knew him as a well-spoken, clean-shaven gentleman. He was always neatly dressed, but had one physical flaw that everyone who knew him would look past. He possessed white metal teeth, losing his natural teeth years before.

Though not exactly a "loner", he would generally keep to himself, walking around town trying to meet different women wherever he went.

His favorite spot in town was near a river bank, where he would meet a young lady and lure her into the dark end of the park nearby. There, he would then rape the woman, finishing off by hacking the body up with a knife and axe he carried at all times.

However, he wasn't done yet. He would then proceed to cook up parts of his victims and eat their flesh. The rest he would bag up in a sack and take home with him.

Later on, when he was discovered, police realized that Nikolai was also often inclined to throw little get-togethers with friends where he would cook up large amounts of meat to be shared with his guests. These "get-togethers" were always thrown right after one of his murders. He was feeding his unwitting guests parts of his recent kill.

What eventually led police to Nikolai were two town drunks who were invited back to his house for some "snacks". When entering the home, the drunks discovered a woman's head along with intestines, in the kitchen, ready for cooking.

He was charged with seven murders in all. However, the court decided that he was not responsible for his actions and had him committed to a mental institution in Tashkent.

Interestingly enough, when being transported to another institution in 1989, Nikolai escaped from authorities. So not to alarm the public, no announcement was ever made of this, and for two long years the local law enforcement searched and hoped against hope that killings would not start up somewhere else in the Soviet Union.

He was captured in August of 1991 in Fergana, Uzbekistan, after being reported by a local woman who claimed that a young man was propositioning her earlier in the day.

He remains in a mental institution to this day.


Nikolai Dzhumagaliev

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev, known now also as "Metal Fang" because of his uncommon false teeth made of white metal, had already served time for manslaughter when he began to kill young women in Alma-Ata, Kazakhastan, a republic of the Soviet Union, in 1980. Despite his odd teeth, Dzhumagaliev was a well-dressed and handsome man who had no problems getting women to accomany him to the remote locations at which he would kill them. Once the oblivious victims were in his control he would proceed to rape them and hack them to death with an axe. Cannablism was also a big part of his killings and after the the death of a victim he would carve their bodies and serve the meat at suppers often attended by his own friends.

Two people that Dzhumagaliev invited to his home for one of the meals discovered a woman's head in the kitchen and quickly alerted police, who charged the depraved killer with seven total murders, though it is rumored "Metal Fang" committed many more. He was found insane and committed to a mental insitution but escaped in 1989 while being transferred to another facility. While it was never reported that Dzhumagaliev killed anyone during the time he was free, the escapee was rumored to have been seen prowling Moscow streets often before his re-arrest in August of 1991.



MO: Cannibal "ripper" of women; fed human flesh to friends at dinner parties.

DISPOSITION: Served time for manslaughter in 1970s; ruled insane 1980; escaped from asylum, 1989; recaptured 1991.

Michael Newton - An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers



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