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Mack Ray Edwards



Mack Ray Edwards mugshot arrest



Search underway for victim of serial killer Mack Ray Edwards


Known Victims

Edwards was convicted of the murders of three children:

* Stella Darlene Nolan, age 8, of Compton, who disappeared June 20, 1953.
* Gary Rochet, age 16, of Granada Hills, who was found after having been shot to death on November 26, 1968.
* Donald Allen Todd, age 13, of Pacoima, who disappeared May 16, 1969.

Edwards confessed to three additional killings. Because the bodies of the victims were not recovered,
he was never officially charged with these murders:



* Don Baker, 13, and Brenda Howell, age 11, of Azusa, who disappeared August 6, 1956.
Howell was Edwards' sister-in-law.


* Roger Madison, 16, of Sylmar, disappeared December 16, 1968.


Possible Victims

Edwards may have committed other murders, but his own account was inconsistent: while in prison he claimed to have killed 18 children, but in an interview with the Los Angeles Times he said the number was only six. The 12-year span between Baker's and Howell's disappearances and Rochet's shooting has led investigators to suspect Edwards may have claimed more victims in between.


As of March 2007, the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the possibility of Edwards' involvement in the disappearance of Tommy Bowman, 8, of Redondo Beach, who disappeared in Pasadena on March 23, 1957. Author Weston DeWalt was researching the Bowman disappearance when he noticed the similarity between a photo of Edwards and a sketch of Bowman's abductor. DeWalt was later shown a letter from Edwards to his wife in which Edwards states that he "left out" Tommy Bowman from his confession to police.

Edwards is also considered a suspect in the disappearances of Bruce Kremen of Granada Hills and Karen Lynn Tompkins and Dorothy Gale Brown of Torrance.



Bruce Kremen, 6, disappeared from a YMCA camp in Angeles National Forest on July 12, 1960.



Karen Lynn Tompkins, 11, disappeared on August 18, 1961.


Dorothy Gale Brown, also 11, disappeared on July 3, 1962. She had been molested and drowned.
Her body was recovered from the ocean off of Marina Del Rey.



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