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John Joseph FAMALARO



John Famalaro



John Famalaro appears in court for bail revocation hearing on July 20, 1994.



John Famalaro, left, accused of raping and murdering Denise Huber, sits in court with his public
defender, Leonard Gumlia, during a change-of-venue hearing at the Orange County Courthouse
in Santa Ana. (Eugene Garcia - The Orange County Register)



John Famalaro is deadpan during his sentencing in the murder of Denise Huber in which
the judge ordered him to death. Denise Gragg, his deputy public defender, is at right.
(Mindy Schauer - The Orange County Register)



John Famalaro



Denise Huber investigation: the freezer in the Yavapai County impound yard.



Jeff Huber, brother of murder victim Denise Huber, makes a statement to the court before the
 judge sentences John Famalaro to death. At left, Carol Waxman with the Victim Witness
Assistance Program holds a photo of Denise for the court to see.
(Mindy Schauer - The Orange County Register)



Dennis Huber, father of Denise Huber, listens to penalty-phase arguments by the deputy
district attorney in the murder trial of John Famalaro.



Dennis Huber hugs his wife, Ione, with the empty jury box in the background shortly
after the jury found in favor of the death penalty in the trial of John Famalaro for
the death of their daughter Denise Huber.
(Michael Goulding - The Orange County Register)





The victim


Denise Huber



Denise Huber



A color file photo of Denise Huber on a trip to New Orleans.



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