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Stephen FARROW



Stephen Farrow, pictured with his mother Doreen at their home in Hampton Loade, Shropshire, in 1980.



Stephen Farrow



Stephen Farrow



The home of retired schoolteacher, 77-year-old Betty Yates, where she was killed.



The homeless drifter bludgeoned Mrs Yates with a walking stick before stabbing her four times
at her home in Bewdley, Worcestershire (pictured).



He stabbed Reverend John Suddards at his vicarage (pictured) in Thornbury, Gloucestershire,
and watched him him die in February 2012.



The scene in Thornbury where Reverend John Suddards was found dead in February.



This is an aerial view of the scene in Thornbury where Reverend John Suddards was found dead
in February 2012.



The word 'help' written with a finger in blue ink on the wall in the lounge, of murder victim Rev John Suddards,
shown to a jury at court, which was only discovered when Farrow told a psychiatric nurse about it.



Farrow burgled Vine Cottage, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire. A note was left pinned to the kitchen table,
using two kitchen knives, which read: 'Be thankful you didn't come back or we will have killed you,
Christian scum. I f****** hate God'.



Drops of the Rev John Suddards's blood were detected on Stephen Farrow's left boot,
which he wore when he was arrested.



Green jacket: Farrow was wearing this when he was arrested. It was shown to a jury at Bristol Crown Court.



Travelling: A CCTV image issued by Avon and Somerset Police of Farrow reading a paper on a bus.



The victims



Retired teacher Betty Yates, 77.



Reverend John Suddards, 59.



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