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Raymond Martinez FERNANDEZ



Martha Beck



Martha Beck mug shot



Murderer Martha Beck sitting in a Michigan courthouse in 1949 following her arraignment
with murderer Raymond Martinez Fernandez in the "lonely hearts" slaying of Janet Fay.
(Bettmann / Corbis)



Martha Beck



Martha Beck with Kent County prosecutor Roger McMahon.
(Bettmann / Corbis)



Martha's mother: Julia Seabrook



Martha Beck's sisters.



Exterior of the home of Delphine Downing and her daughter, who were murdered
by Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez, the infamous lonely heart killers.
(Bettmann / Corbis)



Exterior of the home of Delphine Downing and her daughter.









Wilmington, NJ: Shown above is picture of Mrs. Jane Thompson when she was Jane Wilson,
a high school home econmics teacher. She was living with her mother at 565 West 139th
Street, New York, when Raymond Fernandez, confessed "lonely hearts" killer rented a
room in their apartment.

Later she went on a trip to Spain with Fernandez, and died there. Fernandez said that
she died of an acute heart attack. To Mrs. Pearl Wilson, mother of the woman, he
said that she had been killed in a train wreck.
(Bettmann / Corbis)



On February 28, 1948, Esther Henne and Raymond Fernandez were married in a brief
ceremony at the County Clerk’s Office in Fairfax, Virginia.

She later told reporters: “For four days he was very polite to me. Then he gave me tongue
lashings when I wouldn’t sign over my insurance policies and my teacher’s pension fund
to him.” Things went downhill after that. “I began to hear stories about how he went to
Spain with a woman and she died,” she said. Shortly afterwards, the new Mrs. Fernandez
left the apartment minus her car and hundreds of dollars which Raymond stole from her.



On August 14, 1948, Fernandez and Myrtle Young were married in Cook County, Illinois.
Martha posed as Raymond’s sister this time and did everything she could to make
sure that the marriage was never consummated.
Raymond gave her a heavy
dose of drugs which caused her death.



Janet Fay rented a spacious apartment in the downtown part of the city and, more
importantly, had money in the bank. She had a habit of writing letters to lonely
hearts clubs and despite warnings from her friends and family, she continued
the practice.
She was bludgeoned into unconsciousness with a ball-peen
hammer and then garroted using a scarf as a tourniquet around her neck.





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