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Albert Hamilton FISH



Albert Hamilton Fish



Albert Hamilton Fish mugshot



Mug Shot of Albert H. Fish

This is a Rogue's Gallery picture of Albert H. Fish, a New York house painter, who according
to police, confessed to luring 10 year old Grace Budd from her home on June 3, 1928, killing
her and burying her body in Worthington, Woods near Greenburge, New York.
December 13, 1934 Bettmann/CORBIS



Serial Killer Albert Fish on Trial

Child killer and cannibal Albert Fish is led into homicide court by detective
William King, who captured Fish after a six year search.
December 14, 1934 Bettmann/CORBIS







Albert Fish and his relentless pursuer, Detective Will King
(New York Daily News)



Officer Searching for Evidence with Metal Detector

Officer William Moore, with electromagnetic metal detector, seeks kitchen knife
as evidence against Albert Fish.
December 17, 1934 Bettmann/CORBIS



View of Cottage Where Murder Took Place

Discovering a ramshackle cottage in the glades behind Wisteria House, where Albert Fish, confessed to
murdering Grace Budd, police are dismantling the old structure, and digging methodically the ground
surrounding it in a search for bones of possible other victims. The house are at Greenberg, N.Y.
Photo shows the small cottage also occupied by Albert Fish.
December 17, 1934 Bettmann/CORBIS



Child Murderer Albert Fish

2/20/1935-East View, NY: Is Albert Fish Sane? The aged man, who is under indictment for killing
Grace Budd, had two more needles extracted from him at grasslands Hospital today (Feb. 20),
bringing the total of such objects taken from him to 29, and as the Doctors worked over him, he
cheerfully discussed his newest indictment as slayer of Francis Mc Donnell, a Staten Island boy.
February 20, 1935 Bettmann/CORBIS



One of the X-Rays of Fish's pelvic region revealed 29 needles that had been
inserted in his body and left there.
(New York Daily News)



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