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Albert Hamilton FISH



Albert Hamilton Fish



Albert Hamilton Fish



Albert H. Fish Entering Court Trial

Albert H. Fish, wizened 65 year old character out of kraft-ebbing, is entering the white plains
court to stand trial for his confessed murder of 10- year- old Grace Budd. He is virtually
carried in by deputy Sheriffs as he tries to hide his face.
March 11, 1935 Bettmann/CORBIS



Albert H. Fish And Attorney James Demsey

3/12/1935-White Plans, NY: Albert H. Fish, on trial here for murder of Grace Budd,
was caught by the candid camera in smiling conversation with his attorney, James
Demsey, during recess of court today, March 12.

The Aged defendant, who was charged with the revolting murder of a tiny girl,
shrank in his seat this afternoon, when the girls mother pointed him out,
crying "There's the man, that's Howard, i'll know him anywhere."
March 12, 1935 Bettmann/CORBIS



Police Search Area Of Murder Scene

12/14/35-New York, NY: Medical examiner Amos Squires directs policemen who are digging
for bones at the spot in Westchester County where parts of the body of slain Grace
Budd were found. One policeman has something and is showing it to a physician.

Albert Fish aged recluse confessed to the horrible killing of the ten year old girl whose
disappearance six years ago started a nation wide search which has at last been successful.
March 14, 1935 Bettmann/CORBIS



The Skull of Grace Budd was discovered buried with other pieces of her skeleton
beside a wall behind the cottage.
(New York Daily News)



Kidnap Victim Grace Budd

Kidnapped victim Grace Budd. The Kidnapper was Albert Fish.



One of over 1,000 circulars that were sent out by the NYPD to police departments
around the country. The flyers never turned up any leads.
(New York Daily News)



Grace with her mother, older sister and her younger brother.



Delia Budd, Grace's mother.



Delia & Albert Budd.







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