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Charles Don FLORES





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Robbery
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: January 29, 1998
Date of birth: October 31, 1969
Victim profile: A 64-year old white female
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Dallas County, Texas, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on April 2, 1999
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The United States District Court
Northern District of Texas

memorandum order
Name TDCJ Number Date of Birth
Flores, Charles Don 999299 10/31/1969
Date Received Age (when Received) Education Level
04/02/1999 29 11
Date of Offense Age (at the Offense) County
01/29/1998 28 Dallas
Race Gender Hair Color
Hispanic Male Black
Height Weight Eye Color
5" 10" 276 Brown
Native County Native State Prior Occupation
Howard Texas Laborer
Prior Prison Record

#719836, 2 year sentence from Tarrant County for Robbery By Threats and Possession Of Cocaine.

Summary of incident

On 01/29/98, during the daytime hours, in Farmers Branch, Texas, the subject and the co-defendant, Richard Lynn Childs, murdered a 64-year old white female, during the course of a burglary.

Flores and the co-defendant broke into the victim's house and shot the victim with a pistol. Flores and the co-defendant were looking for money but did not find any.

Childs, Richard Lynn
Race and Gender of Victim
White female
Charle Flores on Texas Death Row

My name is Charles Flores.   I am a twenty nine year old Hispanic male.  I am 6ft 1in tall, heavily built, with black hair and eyes and I'm from Dallas, Texas.  I am also an innocent man who has been maliciously charged, prosecuted, found guilty; and sentenced to die for a capital murder I did not commit.  The only thnig I am guilty of is being a poor Hispanic male. I have been prosecuted by the Dallas County District Attorney, who was willing to go to any lengths to convict me of this crime, regardless of my innocence.  The presiding District Court Judge did not care about justice, he was only concerned about appearing to be "TUFF ON CRIME" and so he allowed this 'Travesty of Justice'  to go in his courtroom.

The following is a summary of the lack of evidence, the miscarriage of justice, and the blatant errors committed in my jury trial by the Prosecutors in the Dallas County District Attorney's office.

Lack of Evidence:

There is no physical evidence that links me with the crime, period. No finger prints, no foot prints, no DNA evidence (I gave blood to have DNA tests done) no hair samples, no clothing fibres, NOTHING AT ALL.

There is no eye witness to the murder period.  The murder weapon was never found.

Miscarriage of Justice:

On the day this crime was committed, a witness who lived next door to the deceased, told the homicide investigators she had seen some one at the residence of the deceased before the crime took place.  The witness gave the investigators the following description: white male, 6ft tall, medium build, long dark hair and dark eyes.

Three days after the crime,  this witness was shown a six photo line up which included my photo and she did not select my photo.

She was then hypnotised by the Homicide Investigators  'to refresh her memory'  and shown the photos once more. Again she did not select my photo as the person she had seen.   IT'S SIMPLE, I WAS NOT THERE !

Regardless of this overwhelming evidence that showed I was not guilty of this crime, I was arrested and charged with capital murder and incarcerated until I went to my jury trial.

Whilst I was in prison awaiting a jury trial the Prosecutor was busy building a case against me, using 'Gestapo' like tactics. The Dallas County Prosecutor, his investigators and the homicide investigators 'interviewed' every person who knew me, both friend and foe, using intimidation and threats of 'send that person to prison', if they didn't tell the 'truth' about me.

Using these scare tactics, the prosecution eventually found several people who were willing to speak against me. They were facing criminal charges and in exchange for lying about me, they received a 'slap on the wrist', receiving probation for their crimes, as the 'all mighty' prosecutor bought and paid for their testimony. As a result I was charged with several other crimes. I thought these 'extra charges' were to make sure I stayed in jail.  Little did I realise that the prosecutor was intending to use these extraneous crimes against me at a later date.

The Dallas County Prosecution interrogators then targetted my loved ones. My Wife, and my 60 year old Mother and Father, were questioned, intimidated and threatened with ten years in prison.

My family refused to lie and testify against me and as a result my wife was arrested twice; my mother and Father were also arrested.  The Chief Prosecutor told them...  "And if you testify in Charles' behalf I will send you to prison for ten years." And I believed him!

Blatant Errors:

In March 1999, I went to trial for Capital Murder.

I have a solid defence. I was an hour's drive away from the crime scene and have four witnesses to my where-abouts at the time of the murder. I was scared for myself scared for my family and friends. I knew the prosecutor would send them all to prison if they testified and told the truth in my behalf.   How could I be set free, and watch my loved one's go to prison? In the end, I refused to call my witnesses in my defence, knowing full well what would happen if I did. So I was forced to face a Capital Murder charge, where the State of Texas was seeking the Death Penalty, and for these reasons, unable to show any defence.

During the trial, no evidence was presented that, 'beyond reasonable doubt' proved my guilt. The witness who lived next door to the deceased, who did not pick my photo out of the photo line up, before or after being hypnotised, was called to testify.  And like fine wine, this witnesses' testimony matured and aligned itself with the prosecution. The witness, a full year and a half after this crime was committed, was now able to place me at the crime scene two hours before the murder took place.  This is the only evidence that the prosecution offered to link me to this crime.

The Prosecutor was then allowed by the District Court Judge to introduce the other criminal charges into the guilt and innocence phase of my Capital Murder trial and, in doing so, influence and prejudice the jury into thinking, 'this man did all these crimes, so he did the killing too!'

The Judge is aware that this is a direct violation of my rights, guaranteed to me by the constitution of the United States, and a direct violation of Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. However, instead of being concerned with justice being served, the Judge w as thinking of his re-election and his appearance of not tolerating crime.

In the end, the jury found me guilty of capital murder. They thought I would pose a continuing threat to society, and sentenced me to Death.

Since I've been on Death Row, I have been studying my Capital Conviction appeal and so far I've found over thirty reversible errors and still have much more research to do. I am diligently working to vindicate myself, thereby proving my innocence.  BUT I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE!. I need your support to prove to the State of Texas that, I am innocent.  That I'm still human and that you care what happens to me.

I currently am trying to gain worldwide recognition for my case, as well as raise funds for competent defence appeal counsel, when my case is reviewed by the Appeal Courts in Texas.

I ask, if you are able, please contribute to my defence fund. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, from monetary support to moral support. Please pass this summary on to someone else who cares, thus helping me spread the word about my cause. I ask you to please contact me at the address listed for updates on my case and to also let me know that you care, that I matter to you...

Charles Don Flores



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