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Tomohiro FUJII





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: "Uncontrollable appetite for killing"
Number of victims: 2
Date of murders: September 5, 2000 / July 18, 2002
Date of arrest: November 2002
Date of birth: 1973
Victims profile: Koichi Tamada (male, 67) / Toraichi Saito (male, 76)
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Status: Unknown

Bloodthirsty murderer boasts of second thrill-kill

Mainichi Shimbun

Dec. 10, 2003

A Tokyo man who admitted to having slain a pensioner in July to satisfy his "uncontrollable appetite for killing" has reportedly confessed to another similarly cold-blooded murder committed in 2000, it was learned Tuesday.

Tomohiro Fujii has been held in police custody since November for killing 76-year-old Toraichi Saito without provocation by stabbing him dozens of times at a park in Itabashi-ku.

Since then, the 29-year-old jobless man has reportedly claimed responsibility for the brutal murder of Koichi Tamada in September 2000. Because of similarities with the Saito case, interrogating officers have been grilling Fujii over the killing of the 67-year-old pensioner, whose corpse riddled with stab wounds was found near his home in Tokyo's Kita-ku just three kilometers from the park.

"I am responsible for the Kita-ku case," Fujii was quoted by police as saying. "Police didn't get me after the first kill so I murdered another."

Police said Fujii, of Kita-ku, pounced on Saito, a total stranger who was walking his dog in the park, and stabbed him more than 20 times until he died on the morning of July 18.

Tamada died after he was stabbed about a dozen times on a Kita-ku street in the predawn hours of Sept. 5, 2000.

In both cases, nothing was stolen from the victims.

Investigators are collating evidence in a bid to back up Fujii's confession about the earlier case.


Murder suspect may have killed before

The Japan Times

Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2003

A 29-year-old man charged with committing a murder in July in Tokyo was served a fresh warrant Monday in connection with a slaying in 2000, police said.

Tomohiro Fujii, of no fixed address or known job, has told investigators he was "targeting people who appeared to be weak," police said.

According to the Akabane Police Station, Fujii fatally stabbed Koichi Tamada, 67, with a knife in front of the victim's apartment in Kita Ward early Sept. 5, 2000.

Tamada was stabbed more than 30 times in the chest and elsewhere on his body.

"I was looking for somebody to kill, when I happened to find Tamada," police quoted Fujii as saying.

Just before the slaying, area residents had complained to police that the tires of their vehicles had been slashed. Fujii has told police he was responsible for that as well, the officials said.

Fujii was arrested in October on suspicion of killing Toraichi Saito, 76, in neighboring Itabashi Ward in a park on July 18, using a folding knife to stab him in the neck and elsewhere. Saito had been taking a walk in the park.

Because the two slayings occurred only 3 km apart and appeared similar, police suspected Fujii was also behind the Kita Ward murder.

In both killings, the victims' belongings appeared to have been left untouched.

"I was targeting people who looked weak. I might have killed more people if I hadn't been caught for the Itabashi murder. In that sense, I feel relieved now," Fujii was quoted as telling police.


Arrested killer admits mutilating second victim

Mainichi Shimbun

Feb. 10, 2003

A man arrested for brutally stabbing an elderly man to death has admitted killing a second victim, saying he wanted to "mutilate" someone, police said Friday. The 29-year-old man, Tomohiro Fujii, was served a fresh arrest warrant for the killing of unemployed man Koichi Tamada, 67, who died after being brutally stabbed on a road in Tokyo's Kita-ku in September 2000.

"I wanted to mutilate and kill someone, and when I was looking for a victim, I found Tamada, who was drunk, and stabbed him with a knife," police quoted Fujii as saying. "If I wasn't arrested I might have wanted to kill other people later, and I'm relieved to be arrested now."

Investigators said Fujii stabbed Tamada 13 times in the face and chest outside Tamada's municipally owned apartment at about 1:40 a.m. on Sept. 5, 2000. Fujii was arrested in September 2002 over a separate killing in which 76-year-old unemployed man Toraichi Saito was stabbed to death while walking in a park in Tokyo's Itabashi-ku in July that year. Police noticed that there were several similarities between the two killings: both victims were elderly men, both had multiple stab wounds, and money had not been taken from them in either case. When they questioned Fujii over the killing of Tamada, he reportedly admitted to the crime.

Police said Fujii's testimony matched the details of the crime, and a knife that they seized from his apartment matched that used in Tamada's killing. When questioned over Saito's murder, Fujii reportedly told police that he had chosen a weak victim.

"I had a wild urge to kill someone and I went for an elderly person who was weaker than me," police quoted Fujii as saying. He reportedly told police that he had killed another person because he was not immediately arrested after he murdered Tamada.



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